Country Cooking Summer Style

 Markets are loaded with the best of summer fruit and 
veggies right now

Usually I decide what to cook for dinner 
 based on what I haul in from the garden...
it really has changed how I cook 
(weird but true)
 herbs and lots of them
and usually an odd assortment of 
squash, onion and eggplant 
 beets or some other root or big green thing
(note to more specific)

 while a squash and pickle don't seem to work 
just pick 'em
and get on with it...
no need to argue about it right now

  I love the shapes and colors 

food photography is pretty darn fun
(note to are not a food photographer...bummer)

 but lets cook some dessert...or better yet 
lets have dessert for dinner

  no need to worry about a centerpiece...
summer flowers are everywhere

 enjoy a little slice of summer heaven this weekend like this 
with peaches and blueberries
 this is Ina Gartens basic crostata recipe 
found here

 the peaches are from our trees 
and the blueberries came from my local market
(AKA Vons) yes I love and hate my Vons

 we had some guests over 
so I thought I should pretty it up 
(ice cream is good)

 geranium blossoms, raspberries and blueberries
and I tucked a bit of lemon slices in there...
can't any one ever leave here with out a lemon under their pillow!!!

guess not!

 sending lots of 
lemony  love 

eat well 


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  1. It all looks so good. I get great satisfaction eating the food I grow. I love your photos and posts, so please keep sharing!

  2. Beautiful post. Wish I was there to have dinner with you!! Blessings!

  3. Pretty, Pretty!!! I am a "trug" lover--and love your first image!!!!
    I did a big pot of Ina's Tomato Basil Soup yesterday and canned it!

    1. I love trugs too Stacey! Please do a post on how you can things! I need help

      xo kelley

  4. Well, if you're NOT a food photographer, you do a pretty good imitation. It's fun to play. The produce looks delicious!

  5. I pinned your Crostata and enjoyed every minute of your produce/food photography. Well done and cheers. I'm off to prepare Crostata with flowers on the side!

  6. I love your photos, they are beautiful.

    Please visit my website where we add beauty to our lives in a more natural way. Mamma offers more natural skin care products and is currently featuring beautiful handmade moroccan market baskets!

    Thank you and have a beautiful day!

  7. Ina's Crostata recipe looks so good...I wonder if I could make it with coconut flour...I'm gluten free and rice free....I will let you know if I try it! Your garden images are beautiful...I'm learning to take better pictures.

  8. K- your peach dessert is a dream. What a nice presentation. I love to eat, but hate to prepare- so much to do w/ the kids, etc. Your garden produce looks so healthy and wholesome. Makes me want to have a big salad!

  9. Me too! Love photographing food that is. Beautiful post. I just finished stewing tomatoes for the freezer. Never done that before but surely I can use them in spaghetti and soup and such this winter.

  10. Yummm....I am with you...dessert for dinner is always a great idea and your rustic pie looks amazing...thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me.

  11. This looks so delicious. I’m always looking for different ways to serve vegetables. I’ll be trying this food here


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