Designers that Inspire: Nancy Fishelson

A while ago...
Actually a few years ago, truth be told!... 

I started  a series of posts about  designers that I
 have been inspired by

Here are a few:

But I don't think I included 

Nancy inspires me because she undertakes the renovation process 
as a whole project...(me too)

she is:

Project Manager
 lover of old stuff

as  well as
(I'm not even sure what designer means when one does all of the other things?!)

so here are some of 
Nancy's lovely homes 

  inspired... collected...and personal

I won't bother with commentary...the rooms speak for themselves

is this not the best of... 

simple and beautiful?

stay tuned for:

gardening and cooking

 things...that will become 

new things

pets and home keeping

 as always... 

thanks so much for stopping by...

kelley and millie

ps millie turned 10!

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  1. Loved all the beautiful rooms, love the minimalist feel of the rooms and the neutrals..the vintage door is so beautiful, I cannot wait to see it when it is finished...what a beauty...

    1. Hi Phyllis, we actual used it in a bathroom for a cabinet but I couldn't resist putting a shot of my buddy Dave with the door!

      xo kelley

  2. what a way to wake up and engage my senses.
    was not familiar with nancy and her work, adore her aesthetic. could move right into her home.......well couldn't we all
    thanks kelley!

  3. A Big Happy Birthday! to Millie!! . She knows how we love the white dog around here as well. Beautiful door!

  4. Happy Birthday Millie, you look maaavelous! Love starting my day with eye candy and there was plenty here. Off to dreaming now that I'm inspired. Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. Kelley,
    I love Nancy Fishelson's work. This home always seems the ideal mix of simplicity and comfort. Happy Birthday to your sweet lab.

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Replies
    1. Great post....I especially love Nancy Fishelson! As I've been 'tweeking' my home for Spring, I ask myself "what would Nancy do"! Like today at an antique show, if something caught my eye.....I had to run it through the 'Nancy' test. I'm having fun re-doing with a more simple content, and a few great things...
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Just swooning over these clean farmhouse homes :) Beautiful as always.

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  10. Nancy's rooms are exactly what I like! Happy Birthday to Millie! Wonderful post!

  11. Gorgeous and serene. Very happy spaces!
    Happy belated Valentines day to you!

  12. very calming & neutral spaces....i'm trying so hard to achieve this in my own home...but every time i try to do so, then color calls me again! i'm being re-inspired by your beautiful pics in this post and so i'm going to edit my house again....thanks always for beautiful inspiration!

  13. Kelley
    Your favorites are some of mine as well. I was just racking my brain trying to think who inspires me most. Hands down I know who that is! You just gave me a good idea for a post!! Happy belated Valentines Day. How is that darling Millie? How is your garden bearing this drought?

  14. What a treat I have followed Nancy's work for many years love everything she does. I was unfamiliar with Karin Blake until your earlier post on her. Great post on great design!

  15. These were all very nice especially the newest and last one you shared but I like your work better than any of have just the right mix of old and new and you always put in just the right color. Love your work!


  16. Stop poing by for some inspiration, I too a designer who wears all hats in designs from elevation plan design to remold, to newly constructed find Nancy Fishelson's designs timeless. It's her mix of shaker 1800's with traditional pieces as well a sneaking in a few Swedish pieces that make for a soothing compliment to how she creates. Also fond of her clean modern lines, a pallet that relaxes one soulfully and her evident love for modern farmhouse.
    She really moves country living in the right direction.
    Thank you for your designer roll and finding the right fit was easy with all theses passionate designers.

    Thank you for inspiring us all.

    A beautifully inspiring week ahead of you.



  17. So much familiar beauty.... Such inspiration that inspires soulful living.


  18. There is something to love in every photo. I also love a white pallet but , I can't help but add a bright surprise every here and there. Seems to work!


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