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A while ago...
Actually a few years ago, truth be told!... 

I started  a series of posts about  designers that I
 have been inspired by

Here are a few:

But I don't think I included 

Nancy inspires me because she undertakes the renovation process 
as a whole project...(me too)

she is:

Project Manager
 lover of old stuff

as  well as
(I'm not even sure what designer means when one does all of the other things?!)

so here are some of 
Nancy's lovely homes 

  inspired... collected...and personal

I won't bother with commentary...the rooms speak for themselves

is this not the best of... 

simple and beautiful?

stay tuned for:

gardening and cooking

 things...that will become 

new things

pets and home keeping

 as always... 

thanks so much for stopping by...

kelley and millie

ps millie turned 10!

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In case you missed it: