Hello Sunshine

For some strange reason I know I have used the title before,
 but today I want to share the work of a creative and lovely acquaintance 
Victoria Pearson. 

These are her photos and she now has a wonderful new cookbook devoted to the subject of Citrus....
which you can purchase here

Vickie has been a longtime photographer/contributor to Martha Stewart and there is a nice feature and some of the recipes included in Martha Stewart Living this month.

I had the pleasure of working with Vickie when she photographed
 our home in Ojai for Country Living
It was really interesting to see how she sets up for a shot and what the end result becomes.  I usually can spot her work in a magazine before I check the credits.
Her photos are always very etherial and light filled 
which I love.

Vickie has a true love for Ojai and she relishes her time at her home on the east end,
 surround by...you guessed it...citrus trees! 
After reading these recipes I'm convinced she is a wonderful cook too.  

She co-wrote the book with her friend Valerie Aikman-Smith

If you are at the farmers market this month it is brimming with citrus, especially tangerines and odd oranges like Cara Cara and Blood oranges. 
Cara Cara's are really good.  
Not as sweet as a valencia with a bright salmon-isn pink-ish interior. 

And Blood oranges are bitter and sort of peppery but very tasty. 

And of course you know my fave is the Meyer.....here's my best vinaigrette ever
The book is full of recipes that are not the usual 
but very 
creative, simple and delicious 
with out all the hype....
which is so needed right now. 

rant allert!

 I'm so sick of slick "food network" celebrity chefs that appear to spend the majority of their time attending Food and Wine festivals, creating silly television and inundating book stores with uninteresting, unusable cookbooks.  

The fact is that most of us (even those new to cooking) understand good food and the enjoyment of creating a wonderful meal for your family and friends. 
It has absolutely nothing to do with throw downs, shopping cart races or using odd ball ingredients like freeze dried Nutella.

 come on....will someone please call the food network and the cooking police and tell them to please stop already!

ok I'm better....back to the good stuff
This time of year it is pretty easy to get stuck in the comfort food rut because the weather is chilly.
Because citrus is available all year,  any of these recipes will work for you right now
And if you're really in a winter rut you can break out the blender and whip up some 
home made Margaritas for Sunday football!!!
Stay warm and cozy 
and squeeze a little sunshine into your day



  1. A woman after my own heart, I adore EVERYTHING about citrus, especially this time of year. I agree, each orb is sort of a little mini sun. Fabulous photography.

    1. Hi Emily, don't you thing everything tastes just a little more bright with a squeeze of citrus? Even plain old water lol : )))))

  2. I agree with your feelings about The Food Network. The manufactured drama and the movement away from good food and preparation disheartens me. My college-aged daughter who is an aspiring food journalist works hard at keeping her passion and her writings true to the art of cooking, not an easy task.

    1. Well said! What a wonderful career choice and a tough one in this era of "overdone, excessive" everything!

  3. Thank you for a refreshing post and lovely photo's (and recipes! yay). I too am sick of Food TV crap and bloggers who don't really know what they're talking about, creating recipes that they never test and wouldn't work even if you did try them! Thanks again.

  4. Citrus makes everything better. I agree, someone needs to give Food TV the heads up. We don't want contests, we'd like more of Ina Garten, Giada and the like to inspire us in the kitchen.

  5. I just ordered the Kindle version! I am so happy to see more cookbooks being offered in this format. I am moving to Florida soon and can't wait to try some of these with my own fruit.

  6. Oh boy I have to get this one. I am the one that adds citrus zest to everything. Thank you so much for the tip. I am off to Amazon to order this babie!!

  7. She is one of my favorite photographers, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to checking the book out ;)

  8. I want to check out this book too! I love lemons and citrus and add it to most everything possible! The blood orange salad looks amazing. I try to start out each day with a glass of water with lemon, and I feel great afterwards.



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