Batik Fabric

 The vivid colors and the interesting repeat to the patterns 
 make Batik fabric so appealing
It' seems like a we are seeing Batik inspired prints pop up every where,
but mostly used in bedding and pillows like these prints from John Robshaw
Batik fabric has it's roots in Javanese culture using indigo dyes and a wax resist process but most of the fabric we can buy as consumers is hand blocked from India

This is a hand blocked cotton dhurrie rug

The patterns sort of dance across the fabric and 
look vintage and ethnic without trying too hard

Batik works beautifully in a British Colonial inspired room shown here on a wonderful chaise also from John Robshaw

These quilts are interesting and colorful...but I love the toile below

These two rooms were designed by Tom Sheerer using John Robshaw fabric

The printing process is rather labor intensive, starting with wood blocks 

The patterns are carved by  hand 

and then hand blocked with dyes onto the fabric

The fabric shown here is from a company called Saffron Marigold
They sell very reasonably priced bedspreds, quilts and curtains and you can order a nice sized swatch before you decide which pattern to buy

Quilters favor the paraffin crackle or wax resist batiks...a little bit different than the blocked prints but interesting  and very unique

Les Indiennes offers quilts and pillows, as well as fabric,  shown below 
These are so pretty, almost like a vintage french Boutis quilt

Their shawls are gorgeous!
As is the furniture

 Drapinging a scarf or shawl over a chair would add some wonderful color and texture

Or just a simple book on your office desk

And if you don't want it on your can wear it on your feet.

I like Batik fabric so much...
hope you like it too

  1. love it! have a wonderful weekend kelley xo:)

  2. FANTASTIC! what an nice eyeopener to some great fabrics and sources! thanks

  3. I have noticed it as well & I love it!
    Have a lovely weekend! xoxo's nancy

  4. Wow. That's amazing craftwork. You can tell it makes the difference.

  5. thanks for the vanishing home post! Ever since I read it I have been thinking a lot about it. I drove from Portland, OR to Corvallis, OR yesterday and wished I had my camera. So many of these type of homes and barns are all over the place, even right next to I-5! Thanks for sharing! Lindsay

  6. Kelley--A friend of mine owns Reds Threads, located in Ashland, Oregon and all her fabrics are hand-blocked and printed in Bali where she has a factory there. She has a web site but it is not very well maintained and updated. But, all the fabrics are so wonderful. She calls the wood blocks "chops". That is what the Balinese call them. Imagine all the work that goes in to making a yard of fabric and then you can appreciate the price you have to pay. I, too, loved that post yesterday. Wonderful shots and photos. Always a pleasure to come here for a visit.

  7. intersting.
    Those fabrics are just lovely and I can't believe just how much work goes into creating them!

  8. Thx Kelley for sharing these beautiful fabrics! I went to their website and read under the "this & that" section....great photos/posts.....
    beautiful art in each piece. Would be so fun to have an entire rustic home surrounded with a different color scheme of their fabrics, in each room.
    Have a great wknd.!

  9. Very interesting post. I love batik too, but don't have much of it. Would love that shawl that is on the table though. It is so beautiful!

  10. Love it....and you showed us so MUCH of it! Thanks!

  11. Hi Everyone! Thank you for the great is really pretty stuff and very current. I just got the October issue of House Beautiful and it is full of very similar types of Batik and Indienne fabric.

    As always...thanks for sharing your thoughts, love to hear what you think.


    ps: John Robshaw sent me a nice email too!

  12. I have new respect for these fabrics! I didn't know how much time went into the designs! Love the book cover; I could maybe do that! -s

  13. Beautiful fabrics and such an informative post. I have always loved batiks...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  14. I adore the Indiennes patterns...I could really use a duvet in a print like that.

  15. Love your blog! Could you please let me know if you have any information on the fabric used in the first photo? I have a similar chair and it would look wonderful on it!
    Thank you.

  16. Absolutely adore the fabrics, shown on the chaise and daybed, incredible!!

    Come and see...I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer!!

    Art by Karena

  17. I love John Robshaw fabrics.
    He is very cute himself, too!

  18. Thanks for sharing these pictures...


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