Guest Blogger Post

I recently wrote a post about my friend and blogger Kat Warren
read it again here
She is an amazing photographer, stylist and avid blogger

She asked me if I would like to write a guest post for her blog!

Heck yea!

She was thinking I could share some ideas to help readers 
use vintage and antiques in their homes...
with out the house ending up looking like Grandmas attic

So here is a link to the post 
on Kat's wonderful blog:

Thanks Kat!

  1. I love Kat's blog - I'm hoping on over to read your guest post.

  2. I enjoyed your guest post...I am a new follower and following on Pinterest, too!

  3. Hi de ho!
    we are all cracking up because somehow, when I ended the post I signed off as


    a name I suddenly love

    the new me

    and I think I like the idea of being galvanize

    ..almost like being bronzed



  4. I absolutely love your blog. You are the most talented person I've ever known. I loved the house you sold with everything in it but I think this house is well on its way to beating it.

  5. my gosh Karol!

    thanks you so happy you enjpy the blog!

    kelley ; 0 )

  6. Merriam-Webster:
    a : to subject to the action of an electric current especially for the purpose of stimulating physiologically b : to stimulate or excite as if by an electric shock
    : to coat (iron or steel) with zinc; especially : to immerse in molten zinc to produce a coating of zinc-iron alloy

    I think you "galvinize" great ideas!!


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