Orange Blossom Special

 This is year two 
for the California Poppy
 wildflower garden planted 
along the arroyo
 This has been such a happy surprise and a fun project 
with not very much work
 The poppies re-seed and self sow every year 
becoming more prolific
 more wild flowers will go in this year to make this bed 
even more interesting

 Poppies make wonderful additions to arrangements 
and look really pretty in small vases
 Add another type of orange blossom to the mix 
and the poppies really shine
 Orange in the garden 
is a favorite of mine...I love this color

 An orange blossom special  
for any day of the week 

wishing you a great start 
to a great week

lets make it special!


  1. My alltime favourite wildflower. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What bounty when they spread by themselves! (with a little help). I hoped for the same from lily-of-the-valley and freesias: lily-of-the-valley disappeared, freesias popping up everywhere!

  3. Hi Kelley! Love your wildflower pictures. I have broadcast poppy seeds in my garden with minimal scattered success. How did you "plant" your wildflower arroyo? I can't wait to hear!
    Your 'spring' pix have been so beautiful!
    Went to Roger's this morning in the heavy drizzle! It continues to be my 'Disneyland!'
    Happy bountiful Spring!
    xoxo, Chris

  4. I love poppies and yours are wonderful. Love their vivid color. Thanks for sharing

  5. Kelley,
    Like Chris (above), my wildflower seed experiment didn't take very well. Any tips for planting the seeds and getting them to grow. I have heard you can throw them and forget about them, maybe not?

  6. Hi there, the seeds were planted in early spring. First you turn the soil and add some organic compost in. Broadcast the seeds really liberally and then cover with seed topper and water in really well. And finally....pray for rain! The wetter the soil the more seeds germinate. Once they are established they will self sow year after year!

    xx kelley

  7. Bright and beautiful, welcome spring! Hugs

  8. "poppies will make them sleep"
    -The wicked witch of the west!

    I love them and I feel like sowing them into the back land (power lines) behind my mother's property - thanks for the inspiration


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