Sweet Pea Trellis

These are such a favorite of mine!
 I got a really late start on my sweet pea garden this year 
and thought I would try a new approach to trellising the peas

 Sweet Peas are so easy to grow and they are one of the most wonderful wildflower 
you can use in arrangements
 They happen to smell heavenly too

 I'm using a store bought trellis system with these nice  metal supports on both the top and the bottom of the trellis 

 Running string up and over each rod will give the pea tendril's 
something to grab onto

 You can find pea seeds in a variety of colors in the nursery 
for around 4 dollars

I typically buy the "mixed"  packets 
because you get a bit of every color 
I like to soak the peas over night before planting...
it sort of gives them a jump start
 The peas need consistent moisture in the first few weeks of planting
If they dry out...they're gone 

 I had so many peas last year at this time 
but the up side it that I will have peas 
in the early summer this year

Peas Please....

have a wonderful weekend

  1. Kelly:

    Love your sweet peas! I have tried them several times without any luck! So if I see them at a florist, I buy a big bunch of them to spread around my home!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh yes, love sweet peas and you're right they do smell heavenly!

  3. Hi Kelley...
    can't wait to see your trellis with all those pretty sweet peas on it! Love that color blue...such a whimsical flower! :)

  4. So pretty! That shade of blue is incredible. Are the peas on the vines edible?

  5. Very nice........ I love sweet peas, they were the first flowers given to me by my husband.

  6. I don't think there is any other flower that has the water color quality that sweet peas do. It looks like you are all set. Happy Weekend, Kathysue

  7. Wonderful!! I think they are the prettiest flower... but then I say that about every flower! the trellis system is very interesting and it makes me think I could "McGuiver" my own same sort of system on an existing fence line...Hmmmmm....

  8. Where did you purchase the trellis system? I love sweet peas!

  9. the colors on these are just gorgeous kelley!

  10. I also live in southern California, and I always thought that sweet peas had to be in the ground before Christmas. Good to know that is not the case, but I do live in the San Gabriel Valley so the heat might affect them. I usually plant them around the steel obelisks that I use for tomatoes so that they are finished just about the time the tomatoes get started. This year they were very prolific and too crowded so I like the string system. I will have to give it a try next year.

  11. I love sweet peas. They remind me of my childhood. They grew wild in the field at the end of my street & I would bring them home to my mom. Think I'll have to give it a go & try to plant some myself!

    Diane J./Ohio

  12. Kelley,
    Where did you find the trellis rails? I love that idea and have a wood fence I could permanently attach them. They are such a sweet and simple flower and yet they give some much...colors galore and fragrance.


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