Container Gardening: Pretty Perennials

Container gardening is probably one of the most enjoyable 
ways to nurture your green thumb....
even if you think you don't have one
Typically most people think of using annuals in containers 
and as they outgrow the pot 
they usually end up dying or getting tossed in the trash 
Container planting with perennials allows you the opportunity to 
transplant or divide at the end of the growing season
 Even if you are a new gardener planting in containers can be a way to learn
 about how to use 
color, form, mass, texture and space.
These are all of the same elements that you use 
when doing a landscape on a much larger scale
More importantly,
 I think container gardening is really fun!
You pretty much get instant gratification 
for about an hours worth of gentle work
Here are a few combo's that I used 
in 3 medium to large sized pots

Cistus (rockrose) a small dwarf cultivar with a light pink flower 
Lavendua (any variety)
Centaurea (Bachelors button) purple
Osteospermum, purple 
Dusty miller


Huchera Miracle (bright lime with peach)
Salvia coccinea "Brenthurst" peachy pink
Crainsbill  "tiny monster" purple
Crysanthemum, mini white
Dusty miller


Lantana sellowiana purple 
Cuphea "Carribean Sunset" orange
Argyranthemum violet
English Daisy, bright pink cultivar
Dusty miller

I added dusty miller 
to every pot just for a hint of grey

This little grouping of 3 pots has a mirror image of three more pots 
on the other side of the landing 

the lacy pinks, purples and peachy 
tones are really pretty together
and I couldn't resist tossing in a bit of orange...
one of my favorite colors in the garden
have a wonderful weekend

  1. You know I never think to put perennials into my containers, but it makes perfect sense! Yours are beautiful, and I love dusty miller, my mom always had that around her garden. I will re-think my containers thanks to this wonderful post!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I love container gardens too. For the first time ever, last year, I planted perennials in pots that are coming back this year! It's great, less to buy, plus I think they seem healthier. Maybe more time to adapt to their living environment? I have petunias that are re-blooming. I thought they were annuals! I'm very happy about that.

    Happy Easter weekend!


  3. Great idea. I have some pathetic looking pots. I am going to try this.

  4. Your potted plants are so beautiful! I always buy one plant and stick it in a pot, that seems kinda boring, now! Thanks for the plant info as well! kim

  5. Beautiful job of your planters! Love it!

  6. beautiful! Around here Lantanas, salvia, dusty millers etc are annuals! But we have a lantana in a pot that we bring in each fall and let hang out in our boiler room and bring out each spring and it lives on for 3 years now!!

  7. If it wasn't so windy, I would be writing down all your suggestions and heading to Armstrong today...but I will wait... lovely, lovely!!! I can't keep anything alive with this insane wind.. all my potted plants die.

  8. Bravo. Great photos, and a fantastic idea. Why is it that we always fill the containers with annuals? I'm going to have to think of some different plants, as many of the ones you listed won't make it around here from year to year. Hmmm... the ideas are swirling... thanks for the inspiration. Just out of curiosity, what zone are you in?

  9. Well described and illustrated advise Kelley! I have similar colors in my pots but use sedums with black mondo grass.
    Have also had great success with 1/2 gallon sized "feature" shrubs that look good in a mixed pot for about a year, and then plant them into the garden.

  10. Kelley,
    What a great idea. I typically do just what you said, I plant annuals and then toss them as the season wraps. I love the idea of nurturing a container of 'baby' perennials that could then find new life in a spot in the garden. I am making lists to replace the container plants so this was perfectly timely.

  11. Oh my goodness!! I love all of your container gardens! So beautiful:)

  12. Your blog is lovely. So glad I found it.

  13. Just found your blog. It's so inspirational! Love all your photos. I'm a New Follower.


  14. know you're probably just busy, got to looking and hadn't seen anything from you in a few days, sooooo.... here i am, checking on you, haha...

    cindy sue

  15. Just beautiful photographs! I do love container gardening because there's a beginning a middle and an end. I felt this way especially when we lived on two acres in CT. I loved doing my window boxes and pots a few times a year according to the holidays and seasons. It was totally manageable compared to starting a project in the yard. It was just too big to make any major difference in an afternoon. But with something like pots, I could go to the nursery, empty, re-pot and clean up and feel like I accomplished something. Your pots are amazing!


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