Kelley's Klassic Summertime Lemonade

 Start with about a dozen lemons...I have Meyer lemons and Eureka lemons in my orchard
 The Meyer's are so delicious and can be found in most supermarkets...I've seen bags at my local Trader Joe's too!  The difference in the size and color of the lemons is really funny!  Meyers tend to have lots of seeds but yield a lot of juice
 Get out you juicer and juice away....
 You will need about 2 cups of juice 
for a nice large quart pitcher
 Add 2 cups of cold water to your lemon juice
 make a simple syrup by adding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of superfine sugar 
 1 cup of water
regular granulated sugar is fine too
 I usually heat up the sugar water in the microwave
 to get the sugar to dissolve faster
 Add the syrup water to your lemonade mixture and test for sweetness...we like it pretty tart and the Meyer lemons are incredibly sweet as it is

 Add some lemon slices to your pitcher 
and garnish your glasses with lemon slices

Fill glasses with lots of ice 

And last but not least...have a seat in your favorite chair and sip away!

A summertime Classic



  1. The lemonade looks lovely! Two very important questions that straw in your glass actually two straws or one double straw and the table top in your last pic look incredibly beautiful, what is it?

  2. Yum! Love lemonade and yours looks delicious. Meyer lemons give the best juice. I get my Meyer lemons from my Moms tree and they are the perfect addition to any drink especially water!!
    Happy Sunday,

  3. Thanks for the recipe! Looks wonderful, especially right now!

  4. holy yum!

    have a giveaway goin' on here:
    and hope you win!


  5. Deliciously made juice. Naturally made oranges and better than commercial orange juice that may contain preservatives.

  6. I will be making some this weekend! Sounds like just the remedy for these hot days on the East Coast.
    All best,

  7. I add a wee bit of vodka to it?



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