A Patchwork of Inspiration

It's often interesting what can inspire us....
is it an image on Pinterest?

 a fabulous evening silhouette and big green lawn
 a simple humble work table
 beautiful natural elements
 clean and modern spaces with interesting antiques
 whimsy and white
a place to have tea
  a chic and warm restaurant
a simple morning in the garden
filled with sunshine

It's probably all of those things
a patchwork of a bit of each

 My inspiration usually comes from the colors and textures
of things that I enjoy looking at

and most often a house and it's architecture
will tell you what needs to be placed inside

But since I'm not sure where or what style exactly our next house will be
I have chosen this little Plein Air Painting as my inspiration
 for a few new furnishings

It has wonderful coral and turquoise hues
as well as yellow, rich greens, terra-cotta and salmon

 The colors of this old Roseville Wisteria vase are similar 
And something about the terra cotta, greens and blues in this glaze 
are so beautiful together

I think this vase dates from 1920-1940
 so those may have been the colors that people really liked 
during California's golden era

 This old basket has wonderful old paint in oyster white with just the right amount of wood peeking through....
beautiful simple color

 Old storage firkins are a beautiful example of how color can become
 more rich and interesting with time

So I purchased a few things to get me started....keeping in mind the colors of the little painting

first up
a clean and calm Ushak rug

Millie...of course is quite pleased with this purchase
I found a few old indigo batik pillows
with blue-green
and cream 

For some of the larger pieces I like the neutral texture of linen in stripes and solids
and maybe some ticking thrown in

These are a fun colors to use as large pillows....
I really like the bright melon and turquoise velvet
colors found again the the painting
And a really unique fabric I purchased is this
Antique Japanese Boro panel

Japanese boro's are folk textiles, 
 pieced together as the fabric became worn 
because cotton was highly prized for it's warmth
The fabrics are all hand loomed, died with indigo
 and stitched together by hand 

randomly... but with great care
this beautiful boro dates to 1800-1850 
the color and texture is really quite amazing 
and I have never used anything like this before

 I love the fact that all of the patches are sewn by hand 
and the textures are both rough and soft

So I need to get started right away 
to furnish a new living room

 and I will be using
 my patchwork of inspiration

see you soon

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  2. All of your choices are fabulous, of course, but what I enjoyed most was an insight into your inspiration.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity you are having to start anew and fresh ! I am envious and would love to do that. Can't wait to see what you do with your new place - how exciting !

  4. Kelley,
    This is a lovely inspiration board---I know whatever you decide to do in your next home it will be lovely. I love the rug and the fabric samples. There is something so exciting about new beginnings.

  5. I love your ideas...all the blue and white fabric is fabulous!

  6. The wheels are turning!! I love your inspiration pallet and that wonderful indigo fabric...can't wait for the next chapter!!

  7. Any source info on the bicycle print? Thanks!

  8. Kelley,
    I love seeing your patchwork of thoughts realized through the painting, fabrics, pottery...So much thought and care that goes into your home and garden. What an exciting thing to recreate again....I was just telling my husband about you! Such a wonderful adventure and one that you pour your heart into!

  9. Beautiful collage of textures and colors! Oh. what loveliness with Millie enjoying that fabulous Ushak!


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