Although fall is more than officially in full swing the garden seems to keep hanging on 
to the last little bits of summer
 I bought some little gourds just to remind myself its late October already
 For some reason I just can't keep the flowers out of the display 
and I love using this old blue market basket...it's a favorite 

 There are a fews little stragglers of hydrangea and some of the last large rose blossoms
we will see 
until early next year

 I find old white ironstone pitchers the perfect shape and size for 
just about any type of arrangement and they are usually priced at antique malls for
 around 30 dollars
 Speaking of antiques...much of the last month I have spent preparing for my first ever 
vintage market sale here in California called 
I'm excited and just a bit nervous but it should be lots of fun 

 I can't wait to meet some of the other sellers 
and of course see some local friends and hopefully meet tons of new ones....
Will I see you there?
It's the weekend of November 9th and 10th

Rachael Ashwell will be there  
to sign her new book too

I have always been a huge fan
I hope you are enjoying some lovely fall weather 
and the beauty of the change of seasons 

It is such great time of year...
Cheers, Kelley