Early Autumn Gardening


 It really does not feel like fall considering it has been over 90 degrees every day, since the middle of July...but this morning it really cooled off and it finally felt like Autumn

 I have started some cool season veggies
like carrots, broccoli, cabbage, beets and tons of new mesclun and lettuce
 I thought I might try a late season tomato and see what happens ...I planted two, about a month ago 

but as luck would have it.... last night the raccoons were out 
and made short work of the squash plants

what you think your garden should look like 
 and what it actually is
at the end of the summer
can be very different things

I did not get even a single zucchini this year....all munched

 there really is no way to stop the critters
especially when you have good looking zucchini!

the weird thing is that they ate the stalks too...they even ate some of the hot peppers and eggplant!

and the squirrels have been even worse...but it's all part of gardening...you take the good with the bad
those raccoons are so destructive...
we don't have deer in the Arbolada, because there is no water source this time of year, but I have heard that they are a huge problem for those that live near the creeks.

 I planted chives between my tomato plants and have really enjoyed them all summer...
I was about to pull them
  up, but then saw these blossoms forming

 nice to have some chive blossom's in a salad !

 I have planted chives in a variety of ways either self sowing in a large area
or dividing up little six packs form the nursery...both methods work pretty well
 Lately I have tried a new method for sowing seeds directly in long rows
as opposed to larger 24 x 24 inch plots in the raise beds

The new seedlings need to be really well irrigated or they die and some seeds need direct sunlight to germinate so be sure to read the back of the seed packet 

 The grapes were a success...but these are three years old now, so we knew most of them would produce this year

again, the critters had a hey day...but we enjoyed some grapes too

 I really love how the vines trellis along the fence
enclosing the four apple trees

 this variety is a champagne style grape
which is really small and purple when it ripens...and really delicious

Our family citrus orchard is finally in great shape...
after hours and hours of TLC, spraying, mulching, pruning and watering

I think these trees are probably about 30 plus years old,
so it takes time to have large beautiful citrus trees,
but boy do they produce the fruit

the goal is to get the  branches to fall almost to the ground
with an enclosed sheltered canopy
 this is a better picture and you can see how the branches are just above the soil
 and loaded with green oranges that will begin to ripen this winter

this is such a beautiful time of year for gardening...and next month, October,
 is the busiest gardening month of the entire year...so rest up!

bye for now


CG's New Apartment: The Bedroom


 Well now....where did I leave off ?

We last left our College Grad  "CG"
with her living room and dining area completed

We have spent $3,580 dollars of our furniture allowance and have about $3000 dollars left to finish the new apartment

On our next shopping day we hit
West Elm

CG had seen this bed before and really thought it was cute...
 the price was definitely great at $359 dollars. 

 We purchased a new mattress at Sears with a pillow top for $300 dollars  
and didn't have to buy a box spring!

Since the bed doesn't have a head board but we found this really fun vintage "crazy quilt"
and will use it at the top of the bed frame draped over a basic wood curtain rod.

It cost us $79 dollars for the quilt and $20 dollars for the rod and hooks

CG wants to buy Matteo linens for her bed
 but we need to see how much money 
we have left at the end, before we spring for expensive linen sheets
We only have room in the bedroom for one side table and need some storage for books, magazines and little odds and ends.  
We hit Urban Outfitters and bought this great Market Basket table 
 for $179 dollars.  
The lid flips open and you can stash things in the basket!

Back to West Elm....we both fell in love with this owl lamp. 
 It is really whimsical and different....$99 dollars
I suggested we put a rug in the bedroom over the carpet to give it a little more warmth.  I ordered this ticking striped cutie from Dash and Albert...$208 for a 6x9

 Also from West Elm we purchased this raffia/sea grass wrapped mirror 
for over the dresser...it was a bit pricey at $249 dollars.....

but we can use it down the road in a lot of other areas
 if we want to

Our next two items 
were the big ticket items

I really wanted CG to have an 
antique "something"  

A piece that she can say down the road...
"that was my first antique and I still love it today"

The dresser above totally fit the bill
 and we negotiated a great price at a consignment store of $500 dollars
The room needs a nice place to sit or to toss her purse, coat and scarf...

CG loves to shop on Overstock and she found this great club chair in a neutral linen 
for $420 dollars

We can use this chair in the living room if we want 
because the fabric is really similar to the sofa we purchased 
at World Market

And finally just to add a nice pop of color
 a lamp for the dresser area 
from West Elm called the Mia table lamp 

it sells for $129 dollars

We can swap out the lamps from the living room and the bed room 
if CG gets bored 
and wants to move things around.

read about the living room here

and the dining area here

And here is how CG's bedroom turned out

Now lets see how we did with our money
Living room $1975 dollars
Dining area $1625 dollars 
and our Bedroom came in at $2533 dollars

So our total furniture bill was $6133...and we really got a lot of great things! 
but don't forget we need $3000 for rent and 
$500 dollars for move in miscellaneous expenses 

which puts our grand total at:
$9633 dollars

 but here is the good news....we came in under our budget by $367 dollars

CG will put the extra in the bank and start saving 
for some beautiful new linens for the bed

E-Design is such a great tool and can really help to visualize the end result of your project

If you would like more info just drop me an email 
and I will send you out a packet of information with all of things you will need to know

Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful relaxing weekend....

cheers, Kelley

It's time to vote...for Tricia


A most talented and lovely blogging friend Tricia Rose, has made the finals in Martha Stewart's
 American Made Contest
 Her Rough Linen  products range form beautiful linen sheets and duvets 
to curtain panels and table coverings
 I have her curtain panels on every window in my home
 and I can tell you that they are amazing in their beauty and simplicity 

 I throw them in wash about every other month and they come out perfect...no need to iron!

 Her color pallet is very natural...which I love and the attention to the smallest little detail makes her products really beautiful

 Everything is designed and hand sewn by Tricia in her home....!

I hope that she wins and you can help by voting for her too!

Just click on the vote link below!

Congratulations Tricia!

Lavender Love Giveaway Winners

 Thank you so much to every one who entered the giveaway!
Let me show you what you what our winners will be getting...
 This is a really pretty gift collection 
of some of my favorite things
 Softly scented organic soap, a natural wood soap ladder
 and a little ramie scrubby
 A jar of Citrus Rose bath salts....just a few tablespoons makes the bath feel so silky and smells wonderful
 A bag of Ojai Rose Potpourri and a Lavender sachet for your 
drawer or to tuck under your pillow
 now who won?



Itsa from Texas

 Congrats to you both!!!!

woo hoo

clapping.....and cheering

Please send me your address ASAP 
email:  kelleymotsch@gmail.com

Your packages are packed and ready to go

Again....thank you to everybody for entering...I love doing these....!

You can find this gift bag on the Polished Pebble Shop 

Have a wonderful weekend