Karin Blake: design retrospective

 Many months ago I did a little post about a designer that has influenced me probably more that an other...and just the other day I received yet
another comment about her 
and how wonderful her work is
 Her name is Karin Blake and her designs are timeless, 
 striking and very personal 

 Perhaps the most important aspect of her work lies in her love of 
American Folk Art

 She is a true minimalist and shows us that less
is indeed more
 Karin's work is so true and consistent
that you immediately recognize it as hers 

 Many of her bedrooms feature a black bed
and almost always a four poster
 She began mixing industrial and utilitarian objects with folk art 
long before it was common

 She often has collections of firkins...
I was so taken with these that I started collecting them too...
almost 20 years ago 
 Old bikes and trikes find their way into her rooms as well
 Every house seems to include a bit of something red
This is Karin at the front door of her own house 
on the east coast
 Many of the homes she has designed are blessed with
spectacular settings and architecture

 Somehow this room seems very cozy despite the size
 and the soaring volume of this space

 Even in many of the larger homes
she manages to find that cozy niche
that she knows will most likely be a favorite of the homeowner

 Karin's kitchens are often  similar and always
open and uncluttered and minimalistic

 The warmth of the wood...from the floors, to the built in details
 is so beautiful
 Many of the furnishing are antique but she also uses furniture
that is new and modern and blends the two 

 Both of these rooms are especially beautiful
in their simplicity and use of Folk Art and color

 Amish quilts, often very geometric
are a signature  component...
I have often wondered what her trick is
to hang these without damaging the textile

Another spectacular kitchen above....and how amazing is the stenciled floor!
 This is really one of my favorite bedrooms 

 Or maybe it's this bedroom.....?
 Or this one!
 This bathroom was an inspiration for my own
 These and many more photographs can be found on the 
Architectural Digest web site

Thanks you Ms Blake for the many years of inspiration!

Have a simple and happy weekend!

; 0 )

Fall: the gardeners favorite season

Fall is definitely "the" season for gardening
the weather is really mild
the nights turn cool and the garden slows down
the fall veggies seem more interesting 
and things that were slow in the summer months 
now are the stars
winter vegetables seem to have 
very fall-ish colors too
I still am harvesting tomatoes...but this is just about the end
lettuce love the fall...just sow it right into your beds
the last of the summer blooms...just about done
lots of purple and white 

and some orange ....now that shouts that fall is here!
 the birds and insects 
seem to be really active right now...but they will slow down soon
 we have also had an amazing amount 
of monarch butterflies this month
 they really don't like having their picture taken...I did my best
this is the time of year we dig up many of our perennials 
and divide them to use in other spots in the garden
Gazania happens to be one
that is very easy to divide 
and is really drought tolerant 
and the colors are great!
I don't remember the name of this last flower...but it is so beautiful and the hummingbirds love it

hope the fall is making you smile

happy gardening