Breakfast Nook Al Fresco


 I'm not sure why,
 but having a meal outside on a patio or deck
 is so great

Just out side of the kitchen is just such a spot ...
great for morning coffee or lunch

 We have the BBQ near by and these big baskets hold the charcoal and other things that are not great to look at, but necessary

The little side board is a reclaimed wood table from Halo Styles, which I used as a desk a while back 
but it works great here
 The old blue garden table is one of my favorite things and I am so glad I didn't sell it!  And believe me when I say this...
I regret selling many of the things I have sold over the years! 

 The addition of the deck 
has been such a great enhancement to the property 
and it feels like it has been here all along
 This spot gives us great afternoon and evening sun too...
 the chairs are just your basic flea market cafe chairs...
not good for sitting in for a long time, 
but they are easy care and not expensive

 The round holes in the wall are for lighting....
I haven't had a chance to get something
but I think I will do the simple barn lights we have done
 on most of the exterior
 Using old buckets and some funky vintage things 
really makes this space a lot of fun

Here's to eating out...outside that is!

Bon Appetite

out and about


take a deep breath.....and

have a wonderful and restful holiday

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Have a great Holiday weekend!

Happy Summer

Cover Girl


About two and a half years ago...when I owned this house,  I was contacted by a magazine editor who loved it and she wanted to photograph it!

Well guess what, somebody finally did 
and she's now officially a 
"Cover Girl"

As many of you know I sold the house completely furnished.

When I stopped by for the photo shoot I sort of felt like a ghost...coming back to haunt my old house...that lasted about 5 minutes 
and it was back to business as usual
This is the first issue of a new magazine 
which will come out twice a year.  

It's more of a book format and 
has no advertising. 

It can be found at book stores and magazine stands in most states.

The stylist for this shoot was Sunday Hendrickson 
and we really had fun. 

Sunday definitely knows what she is looking for 
as she styles on each room.

I have to say I was relieved to see there would 
not be a single bowl of green apples 
or the usual pair of "Wellies" on a stair step!

Sunday's styling is very natural, 
relaxed and real
The writer is Marie Albert and she really captured all of the details about the house
and the story correctly.  I really like her style of writing too....

I spent at least an hour speaking with Managing Editor Janet Mowat,
 who was so kind and interested in the story behind this house as well! 

LA based photographer John Ellis took all the shots for this article.  
Sunday did a great job on the kitchen shot. 
OMG there all all my great  "egg" signs!
What is it about these old signs....they are just wonderful.

I brought quite a few things for the shoot too...including lots of oranges, lemons and limes
from our orchard in Ojai

We all thought the shot above might be the cover...
which I think would have looked great as well!

The colors of the tulips and the quilt are so great together!
I styled the little cabinet  with Roseville pottery and  lilacs that Sunday brought.  

I added a new/old sign I bought a while back 
that says
 "flower plants for sale" 

There are also some fresh limes from my garden!

The side bar in the photo above gives the reader detailed instructions 
on how to create the slip covered headboard 
I created in the guest room.  A really nice idea.

Below is a photo that I took right before 
we put the house on the market for sale

and here it is in the magazine...over two years later!
Thank you so much to the Harris Publishing Family,
 Sunday Hendrickson 
and John Ellis... 
and especially to Malia....the new owner of this wonderful little house!

It's been a pleasure!

happy decorating