Pure Ralph Lauren: Denim and Supply


I'm a fan


Totally love this new line from Ralph Lauren called
Denim and Supply
It is edgy and fun but also very vintage
Much of his clothing these past few years has been a bit boring...I have actually been buying "vintage" Ralph for quite a while 
because I loved his old stuff so much
But this new line is really wonderful

A bit of camp 
with some grunge 
and Americana thrown in!
great jacket
Warehouse lodge...yummy sweater
need that
wish I was 20
Even the puppy needs
 some  new Ralph
no caps  on the dog
thank you very much

I really hope he continues with this for a while
and maybe works in 
some things for the home too

The look above is really pretty and fun

got boots?

love boots too

details matter..yes sir they do
Need the vest...badly
great packs and totes 
I showed the photo above to my husband and he said...
"my friends would think I have finally snapped"

ha...little does he know they already think that


he could sooooo sport this in Ojai...and totally fit right in...not kidding!
they probably pulled these off a guy in Ojai last fall!

hoodie love 
our new closet
well maybe not

Hey mister..
actually it should be...
hello son...I'm that old

Here is a link to view more

What do you think?
very fun right?


Cutter Quilt Cushions and Kubu Rattan

 For those of you who have followed The Polished Pebble for a while,
 you know that I am a serious vintage fabric junkie
 I love old quilts too and found this great looking "cutter" on eBay

Thought I might use it for some pillows...
but then....the plan  changed
 I have two of these really huge Kubu rattan chairs on a back porch
and the cushions were plain beige sunbrella...


 The old quilt top has tons and tons of character and dozens
 of small little patches and stitches of hand sewn love!
 It looks like Grandpa's shirts were the main ingredient,
mixed in with some really old homespun and small little checks

It is really more of a patchwork with very little quilting...
which made this so much easier to cut up

All of the different colors of faded fabric and a really soft feel from all the years of use make this wonderful to sit on...
just ask my napping Husband...
oh and my dog Millie approves too!
 I paired the cushions with some vintage striped grain sacks
purchased from my wonderful friend Wendy Lewis
 The back cushions sport the same red stripe
as does the ottoman
 We made a  few new pillows from "left overs" to add to the mix...everything being reversible to a different look

 The seat and ottoman are backed with new cotton/linen heavy weight fabric with a very simple cream stripe....I can flip them over in case I get tired of the quilt
 But that may be a while....
the upholsterer really stuffed the seats at my request....
lots of extra fill and poofy crowned centers
 Kubu rattan has been all over the design blog world for quite some time and I have to say I love it too!

These chairs came from Halo Styles and are really like a chair-and-a-half...
super wide and deep
 It's fun to think of new ways to use vintage fabric and really mix it up...
my poor upholsterer usually calls me at least three times
 during one of these crazy projects
 The chairs sit under a covered porch most of the time...
but I love the look of really faded fabric too, so no worries here
 By the way "cutter" quilts are those that have problems
like tears, stains and holes

they are great for craft projects
and things like this,
because you don't feel bad when you cut them up
and usually they are really well priced
one final note:

A big shout out to Wendy from Textile Trunk

She was featured in an article in the LA Daily news and asked me to send them a  few photos of the many projects I have done using her fabric

You can read the article here

Hope you are enjoying the end of summer...and did you notice how the ice tea got lower and lower as the I wrote this

I must have been thirsty
; 0 )

Simple Linen Curtains

Simple can be really beautiful...but you already knew that

I have been searching for the last few months for some simple linen curtains for my bedroom in Ojai.

I pretty much looked at every catalog offering 
and priced out some custom pinch pleat curtains 
but decided that they might be a bit too fancy

I came across a wonderful source for linen sheets called Rough Linen
Please read Tricia's story....it's wonderful!

I love linen sheets for the bed,
 so I bought one to see what they were like....

talk about love at first site

They were packaged beautifully 
and when I felt the fabric I knew I had found 
my perfect linen

now the true test...I washed them

linen perfection!

 I decided to make the curtains myself...with a very large pocket at the top 
so they might look like they were casually draped over the rod.

 They are the perfect weight...heavy enough to keep the room dark at night...but sheer enough to let in filtered diffused sunshine during the day
 The pretty stitching on the hem 
gives them a more finish look...

I now have 5 sets of these 
covering my vintage and not so beautiful windows...
 They catch a breeze and move around...
but no rings or pulls 
or bells and whistles
 The iron rods are very simple too...you can find them here 

Best of all I can take them off and wash them 
and then just hang them back up!

Pretty Simple