Pure Ralph Lauren: Denim and Supply


I'm a fan


Totally love this new line from Ralph Lauren called
Denim and Supply
It is edgy and fun but also very vintage
Much of his clothing these past few years has been a bit boring...I have actually been buying "vintage" Ralph for quite a while 
because I loved his old stuff so much
But this new line is really wonderful

A bit of camp 
with some grunge 
and Americana thrown in!
great jacket
Warehouse lodge...yummy sweater
need that
wish I was 20
Even the puppy needs
 some  new Ralph
no caps  on the dog
thank you very much

I really hope he continues with this for a while
and maybe works in 
some things for the home too

The look above is really pretty and fun

got boots?

love boots too

details matter..yes sir they do
Need the vest...badly
great packs and totes 
I showed the photo above to my husband and he said...
"my friends would think I have finally snapped"

ha...little does he know they already think that


he could sooooo sport this in Ojai...and totally fit right in...not kidding!
they probably pulled these off a guy in Ojai last fall!

hoodie love 
our new closet
well maybe not

Hey mister..
actually it should be...
hello son...I'm that old

Here is a link to view more

What do you think?
very fun right?

  1. Oh my...as I was drooling...I was thinking the same thing you did....wish I was 20 again! Mr. Lauren has given his timeless, classic look a huge shot in the arm! Delightful!

  2. Love the denim and plaid combos especially. I'm so glad I just bought three new down vests (sans toggle buttons though) after seeing the navy down vest photo. I may not be model thin but I can pull off the look with denim and down. Thanks for sharing the great inspiration.

  3. I'm quite sure I did wear this look when I was 20...still love it and Ralph!

  4. Yeah...20s...I love Ralph Lauren's style (except for those cutoff sweats...YUK!)

    I just saw a link for Ralph Lauren Rugby...there's a great music link. kind of southern bluesey and NY sound. Check it out...



  5. Oh, yeah a belt and the vest please! Wow, the prices are WAY better than the good ol' purple and black labels that I usually drool over! Thanks for the post!

  6. All right Ralph! Its about time. Kelly- I agree his clothes have been a little boring. love his new line. Love love the belt and purse.

  7. I'll take the puffer vest outfit minus the hat! Love the toggles on that vest. And maybe the guy in the red plaid flannel. Am I allowed to say that?!

  8. I love this line, too. My daughter and I saw some of the pieces at Macy's a couple weeks ago - she fell in love with that first bag you have pictured and wanted it for her school tote. I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a school bag, though.

    Love denim and down! and Ralph Lauren - did you see his interview with Oprah awhile back (one of her "last" shows I think - you can probably find it online somewhere - Just drooling over his house in Colorado (they shot the interview there)

  10. i'm thinking i'm heading to the second hand shop and see if i can find an older indian style blanket to make the purse out of. also would be good to snag an old purse w/ some leather handles to boot! cool beans, great find! also loving the green dress w/ the ruffles, loving ruffles now, make it shorter and it would make a great top for jeans and boots, yea-ah.

  11. HA!! Kelley you crack me up!! I was just in your neck of the woods this weekend! My husband surprised me with a road trip to Solvang. Could've used a few of these items when we stopped for dinner in Santa Barbara- my tank top and crochet sweater wasn't doing the trick! ;)


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