Hey there sweet pea!

I still call my son David
 "sweet pea"
I love them:
and my little sweet peas
 This is my sweet pea
 tee pee
 I planted these from seed,
and as you can see they grew!
 We had a hard rain a few days ago and my little peas got a bit beaten up....
so now I will make lots of bouquets! 

I love you
sweet pea

Le Potager


spring is here

grow some goodness

; 0 )


A new neighbor and an old friend

A while ago I did a post about a wonderful old house that sits just up the road from us in Ojai....it was for sale, 
and we thought about the possibility of buying it and restoring it...

 Ultimately we felt that we still had a big project ahead of us in the current little place we own up here,
 But I knew that someone would see the charm and history of the place and make it into a wonderful home.

 The prior owners named it Quail Hollow,
 A perfect name I think.
And yes, we have lots of Quail scurrying around.
It has wonderful period details from the 20's and sits on about 2 acres.

It sits across the road from another beautiful home.  
This was once a stable for horses
 And now it is owned by actress Reese Witherspoon.

Great Location right?

 The little Quail Hollow house has stone fireplaces 
Lots of interesting beams and quirky spots,
 that will make this little house really special when it is all fixed up

I mentioned on that post that I loved the vintage curtains in the little guest house!
I really never gave it much thought after that until about a week ago.

You see....someone bought Quail Hollow!

So I have a new neighbor...and guess what?

She happens to follow this blog too!

So guess what arrived last week...


the curtains 

and my new neighbor Ellie!

She and her husband will be embarking on a wonderful renovation of Quail Hollow

I am so excited that they are doing this and I can't wait to see how they turn this little gem of a house into an amazing & wonderful home.

Thank you so much Ellie!

Isn't blogging just amazing?