Bringing the Outside In

There are many things to dislike about living in California 
but one is definitely NOT the weather
I have been contemplating this project for the last year and finally 
decided to "get on with it...already!"
This will be a new deck and will let us enjoy our 
house from the outside a bit more
The problems to work out were
how to deal with these two massive oaks
that are within 5 to 10 feet from the existing patio
and how to make the deck appear visually as a part of the house 
and not just a landscape element
I'm showing a few before photos so you can visualize how
 plain the house is from this angle
The layout was really important and we needed to be sure not to 
injure  or impede the oaks root system
It's also important to build a deck structurally correct,
just as you would inside a house, 
so it's not spongey or wonky when you walk across it

I also worked on a design for a railing that would mimic the look
of the existing ranch fencing throughout the property

The railing is a really important design element 
and I played around with a few ideas 
until it looked just right

my carpenters are doing an amazing job too 
and always have excellent recommendations
because this is a "design build" project 
with out any plans
there are a few more details 
that will make this deck really interesting,
so we will keep hammering away!

have a wonderful weekend 

; 0 )

Added to the bucket list

 a few more little bucket lamps 
for the breakfast room
 these ice cream buckets are painted a wonderful aqua/teal green
 you may not remember my other bucket projects 
so here is one to take a peak at
 the custom shade I had made in fabric from those wonderful 
old drapery panels 
my new neighbor Ellie
so generously gave to me
you can read that post here and here

Ellie is hard at work renovating her home
 and I am hoping she will let me have a peek next time I see her!

 this is a small and sunny little space just off the kitchen 
and will change a bit when the kitchen is renovated
  there is not much room 
so every square foot matters
 I'm not sure how I will re-work the furniture 
but I like it in this cozy space and I think it is right for the age
and style of this ranch house in the country
 the roof line is really odd and low 
but can't be changed unless we pull the whole roof off
so that needs to be worked around
 I probably should have a table with leaves to extend the size of the dining area
but....just don't think I will do that either
 I'm sort of committed to the idea of small and tidy
which makes life pretty simple in this house
 there will be a window seat where the vintage planter is now 
so the lamps will need to be placed somewhere else
it's interesting how the vintage Ralph Lauren fabric on the shades
and the Benison fabric on the chair seats go so well together.

 I love these lamps in this room and will need to come up with some new ideas how I can work them into the new kitchen design
 do you have any creative ideas
or interesting spots for table lamps?
I'd love to hear your ideas

happy remodeling!


Popped up!

 a little sun and a little rain 
and look what popped up
 dozens of bulbs were planted 
starting in October 
and the first guys "up" were these
 the fox gloves are just getting started

 I can't believe the apples are budding out already!

 a little bit of the lavender is blooming
 and a few others just sort of 
"woke up"
 this last week
 even the kitchen garden is humming along

the start of something new...?

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
 but anyone can start today and make a  new ending"

~maria robinson~

here's to new and wonderful endings!


Guest Blogger Post

I recently wrote a post about my friend and blogger Kat Warren
read it again here
She is an amazing photographer, stylist and avid blogger

She asked me if I would like to write a guest post for her blog!

Heck yea!

She was thinking I could share some ideas to help readers 
use vintage and antiques in their homes...
with out the house ending up looking like Grandmas attic

So here is a link to the post 
on Kat's wonderful blog:

Thanks Kat!

The Kitchen Considered: Chapter 1

A kitchen renovation is right around the corner
so here are a few inspiring kitchens
I apologize for not having the name of the people or 
publications involved with these photos, 
but most have shown up somewhere in blog land...some over and over again
Which tells me they are simply wonderful kitchens!

Designing your kitchen is perhaps the most important room in a home renovation.  How many houses have you walked into, whith a great kitchen and it just makes your heart skip a beat!

I know right!

Here is what I am thinking about my kitchen design:

Most new kitchens have very few upper cabinets and lots of open shelving

White tile seems to still be strong 
as is stainless steel

Grey is definitely on the list!
The kitchen above is a favorite for sure

Country kitchens are lovable still

Lots of interesting center islands

Beautiful windows are on the list

Dark stone is pretty wonderful

Farmhouse sinks 
still happening

A pop of color....maybe?

Reclaimed wood used in unexpected ways

Interesting pendant lighting
 is a "must have"

Long and spacious countertops
if you have the room

Family friendly

Definately not boring!

Favorite movie knock offs... 
still going strong...just ask your cabinet maker!

Celebrity chef knock offs too...
Who doesn't still love Ina's kitchen?

Just plain wonderful kitchens
every where I look

where to start?

What is your favorite?

I'll take the one above today
Let's have a cup of coffee together !

Happy Monday