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Here are some really great collectibles with wonderful graphic appeal:  

So much fun
I would love to own any of these


Botanicals: Vintage American field flowers

eBay and me...we go way back.
  I enjoy looking and I use eBay to find specific collectables; it is the worlds largest antique mall after all.  Most of the time I really don't feel like I have snagged anything really wonderful,  but that was not the case last month when I found this collection of vintage field pressings.

This was a collection of botanicals pressed and mounted in a Herbarium book with the specimens identified both in the common and scientific names as well as the habitat.  These are the work of Helen Herr for her students at Hanging Grove High School in McCorpsburg, Indiana dated 1928.

I just about died when I looked through the book.  Each pressing is 11x16 and there was a total of about 30, all in amazing condition.  I love her handwriting and how she identifies where she found the plants:  roadside, woods, fields.   

I had 21 of the best framed in these simple grey-green 1" frames.  All of the plants have that wonderful faded color and the paper has darkened brown edges.  The identification plates are really great as well and are noted Hanging Grove High School.
When I laid these all out on my kitchen counter I was so amazed.  There was so much time and care put into each pressing and every one was different and special.

In the last three years I have yet to find the right art for this long windowless wall in my dining room but these are great here; hung in 3 rows of 7

And just when I thought I would never find anything good on eBay again.....
I feel so proud to have Helen's work hanging here in my dining room;

thank you Helen

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Lights to Love: Chandeleirs by Madeleine Boulesteix


There are certain things that when you spot them it just takes your breath away.  That was the case when I came across these fantastic, romantic chandeliers by a London based artist named Madeleine Boulesteix

Her work is an amazing example of the "rethink, reuse, recycle" artistic process that has become a new and wonderful addition to design

All of her pieces are made using tea cups, vintage facetted crystals and kitchen cast offs which when combined together turn into these amazing lights

She views her pieces as a way to "create, recreate & entertain"
Many use jelly molds and biscuit cutters as well as silverware and toast racks

These shown here are not electric but simply lit with a tea light.  It's almost like hanging jewelry from the ceiling

I think these are just so beautiful and inspiring.  The next time I'm at the flea market and come across some old vintage kitchen finds I know I will think of her work.
Please go to her web site and read her story.  It is so interesting and creative, I know you will enjoy it!

Swimming Up Stream: Phil Lange sculptor


If you see fish swimming in the air outside you are not dreaming;  you're  viewing the kinetic fish sculptures of artist Phil Lange

"Having Fun" is how he describes this work
The fish are made of oxidized steel with a stone for an eye.  His kinetic fish sculptures are generally placed outdoors, where breezes make them swim in the air.  I purchased two of these on my last trip to Big Sur here. When they are placed in a multiple fish "school"  they tend to swim in the same direction, into the wind
The fish sit/balance precariously on a very small central pin, that is then supported by a steel rod placed in your garden

I love garden art in small quantities and these sculptures are especially interesting because of the soft movement in the breeze
Here are a few more examples of Phil's work

Fish swimming in the air!  What a wonderful idea.

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