Swimming Up Stream: Phil Lange sculptor


If you see fish swimming in the air outside you are not dreaming;  you're  viewing the kinetic fish sculptures of artist Phil Lange

"Having Fun" is how he describes this work
The fish are made of oxidized steel with a stone for an eye.  His kinetic fish sculptures are generally placed outdoors, where breezes make them swim in the air.  I purchased two of these on my last trip to Big Sur here. When they are placed in a multiple fish "school"  they tend to swim in the same direction, into the wind
The fish sit/balance precariously on a very small central pin, that is then supported by a steel rod placed in your garden

I love garden art in small quantities and these sculptures are especially interesting because of the soft movement in the breeze
Here are a few more examples of Phil's work

Fish swimming in the air!  What a wonderful idea.

PS  Don't forget to check in on Friday morning for the Mr Grainy giveaway!  

See ya then,


  1. Hi Kelley,

    Really like the fish. I agree with you and as long as it's not overdone a sculpture in the garden can finish it off nicely. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care.
    Tasmania, Australia

  2. Now that's the perfect touch of whimsy for a garden!

  3. I think I just found a Mother's day gift idea for my mom who is an avid gardener and was a fish in her last life!

  4. Do you know how we can get in touch with Phil. catherine.olsen@cbc.ca

  5. So any idea how to get ahold of Phil Lange and his delightful fish??? Just bought what was his last one up in Bellingham Washington... I so enjoy it and would love a small school of then to go with the big dude I picked up. He makes me smile!!!
    Thanks for any insights...
    Doreen in Oregon

  6. today is 24th of june2015 ...last time i saw Phil was in late 2012 in Pavones were Phil bought a piece of jungle land ...i also know that he is not there now .

  7. that would be Pavones ,Costa Rica ,.....


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