Where the heck have I been?


As much as I would love to 
say I have been spending the last month 
sitting around the yard in a nice wicker chair....I really spent my days....
loving big old work tables ( I know, really hard work!)
I'll take three please
 pinned Nancy Fischelson's houses again...for the ga-zillion'th time 
on Pinterest
and a few of Briggs Edward Solomon's too

 pulled weeds and planted stuff 
 ran this bad boy around the garden a couple hundred times...finally ran out of gas...
me and the tiller
 made some dirt out of this lovely mess

 got sunburned ankles and wished
 I still owned a Kayak

 shopped for pots

 and pretty fountains

went home empty handed
but very inspired

 made some bread
and more bread

whole grain
cheddar with green olives
rosted garlic
all with the same recipe!

 made some charrred citrus tomatillo salsa

 decided I really love lisianthus flowers

 had a really cool photo shoot for
Cooking Light magazine
made some new friends
(wonderful photographers and stylists 
and a little girly girl dog named Charlie)
 wore this outfit...It was a bit toasty with the sweater
but it's a November issue
gussied up the kitchen for the photographer
 played frisbee with Millie

 made lots of salads with nasturtiums

and peas

bought a juicer 
 so now I can drink my veggies

BTW if you want to change your eating habits 
watch this movie
 sold lots of cool stuff on Second Shout Out
and started getting ready for my very first
antique show and vintage market in November:
Remnants of the Past
 played some more frisbee
and a little of this
lost...of course

 had a great photo shoot for Cottage Style magazine
 my pal Sunday
yep her name is Sunday!

 watched this amazing stylist work
and had lots of giggles too
is she adorable?!!!!!
 made many big huge messes in the kitchen...
this is why I love big sinks

 found some beautiful flowers at the Farmers Market 
worked on a wonderful lake cottage 
project in the Northwoods of Wisconsin
a great e-design kitchen in San Diego
 a big gorgeous family home in Ojai

 planted 6 big pots with 
dwarf meyer lemons

 tried to figure out how to use chalk paint

 what a mess but lots of fun...more on that later
fell in love with these

remembered how much I really like lime green 

and black and white ticking
now after all of that 
it's no wonder I haven't had time to blog

Hope you had a wonderful summer!


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