Vintage Canvas and Wood Lounge Chairs

Picked up these really fun old wood lounge chairs
They actually are comfortable...although I'm worried I might end up sitting on the ground if I don't do something about the canvas.

They have a cool little foot rest too,
 that hooks over the front of the chair

Off the the upholsterer they go!

Why don't they make cute simple chairs like this anymore?

Take some time to do a little lounging
Have a wonderful sunny weekend


Spring Field Trip: Rodgers Gardens

I think everyones favorite time to go to the nursery, is in the spring. 
 Rogers Gardens is a famous nursery here in Southern California and going there is always a treat 
This living wall was right at the main is just amazing.
My photos don't capture how beautiful this was.  
It even had blooming phaleanopsis orchids in it.
These cool little pitcher plants caught my eye. 
 They are really unusual.

This nursery is always so lush and they do a wonderful job of
 arranging flowers by color.

These huge spiraling ivy topiaries are fantastic.  
Can't you picture that in a large entry foyer?
They have tons of potted succulents.  
I like how they used the small olive topiary with the succulets around the base.

Look at those Japanese maple!  
Did you notice the little granite stone fountain in the front of the picture...I bought it!  
Its going in the center of the english rose garden in Ojai.  
I have been looking for just the right fountain for months!

At the rear of the nursery is the rose garden....and boy do they have roses.  
I'm talking hundreds!
Lots of David Austin's

This is "Tuscan Sun"  
I love this rose

New this spring is the Victory garden area.
Garden to table...and everything edible!

This was a sea of lettuce...
just amazing how many varieties they had.

Rogers is known for their wonderful huge hanging baskets 

Indoor plants of all kinds and lots of great cement pots to put them in.

Rogers has baskets and containers for just about everything
I thought this faux succulent was especially pretty
Wonderful quality silk flowers

I loved these bright yellow lilies all grouped together.

It was such a beautiful day
If you are ever in the Newport Beach area, you must visit this nursery.
You won't be disappointed!


We're Having Easter Breakfast In The Garden

The weather has been so beautiful and warm that I thought it would be fun to set a table in the middle of the lawn on Easter morning and have breakfast there.
The little lidded Atlas jelly jars will be for OJ.  
The lids work great to keep out the occasional flying bug.

 A bunch of mismatched silver plate... makes it a bit more fancy-schmancy right?

 A few carrots from the veggie garden...a gift for Mr E. Bunny. 
This is an interesting Italian variety.
They are yellowish orange and super sweet too.

I invited some  chickens!

The old yellow and white quilt looks very sunny and it's been washed a million times so no worries about spills.

 The sponged Rockingham bowls are great and I have owned them for years....
still a favorite.
They are great for fruit and yogurt or ice cream...can we have ice cream for breakfast?
The flower vase is vintage McCoy and has that great matte jadeite glaze.  
Anything this color seems fun to collect.

 Old ticking feather pillows on the bistro garden chairs.... just a bit more comfy.

The sun is so dappled in the morning and it is such a wonderful time to sit and enjoy  the old oaks and the amazing smell of the orange blossoms in the orchard.

I'm off to get the coffee and the rest of our breakfast.....
Have a wonderful day

hop     hop    hop   hop