Just A Bit of News

 It has been a bit of a blogging drought around here and I have been trying to catch up but haven't been able to quite fit everything in. 
As soon as I can I will get up to speed 
Lots of change and interesting things happening....and unfortunately my Mac bit the dust and I haven't had a chance to replace it, so many of my photos are in limbo right now 

But...all is good and fall is finally here with beautiful cool mornings and a chance to garden again after a scorcher of a summer
We have a new fountain in the parterre garden and the roses have all been moved to new locations because of the changing shade and sun from the large oak trees.  
 Each of the quadrants will have a large pot with a boxwood topiary and then underplanted with hydrangeas.  The surrounding hedges have filled in and seem to be loving the new shaded area.
The canopy has grown so thick that the roses were not all that happy.  A good problem for the oaks but the roses were really "leggy" and not thriving as they should.  Moving roses is not my favorite job but I think I only lost two out of about 30 plants.  I have one bed left to move but it will be easy now that the weather is cooler.
 We decided to add a small dining area in the main living room of the house.  It's small but cozy and I like the big gas station pennants above the old pine table.  
 Two great old chairs from a Maine cottage on the ends and a large Swedish pine bench and an antique plate rack above.

Some how the odd assortment of wicker seems to fit.  Lots of pillows and ticking are just right in this small intimate space.  
 Over the summer I worked on the rear perennial beds.  Sculpting and removing sod and adding more flowers and interesting foliage 

 Throughout the year the beds will have color and new plants and bulbs.
 Apart from the vegetable beds the perennial beds are my favorite part of this garden.  Lots of work but always great rewards.

The lavender acts as a nice backdrop to the new plants and adds height to the beds and I really enjoy the color and interest that the variety of plantings provide.  It is also a never ending supply of things for arranging in little vases.
I hope you are enjoying a lovely fall....my favorite time of the year !!!!

See you soon