Tablescape: Thanksgiving in the Orchard


This is my first tablescape post: and what great timing with Thanksgiving!

  I must admit I don't usually spend tons of time setting the table these days.  I did, however  when I was a newly married/working girl/mom  (back in the day when we did it all)
I collected depression glass, vintage stoneware and bakelite cutlery just for the fun of the well dressed table. How I found time for anything is really a wonder!

My youngest son will be off to Vegas with his girlfriend over the Thanksgiving holiday,  so I am doing a lunch on Thursday just for two to enjoy.  My inspiration came from the wonderful tangerines just about ripe but beautiful with a touch of green on the skin.

So here is my table:

  It sits in a garden room, not quite finished.   Four Apple trees are the focus and in the center a fun little picnic table.  The spilt rail pillars will eventually support grape vines, 15 total.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blogging buddies, my friends and family...kelley

A Bite of Orange: Color Inspiration


It may just be the time of year but I seem to be seeing so much orange in magazines lately.  I actually really like orange, especially as an accent color.  It looks beautiful on this table in Ina Gartens dining room

This is how I remember orange used in interiors.  This 1960s kitchen says it all!

Love the Veuve Cliquot orange label

These French iron beds with the spicy duvets and soft tangerine sheets are so pretty

T Keller Donavon used the bright stools for impact in this simple kitchen.  How fun are they!

A seaside inspired bedroom with nautical blue and orange.  If you check out yacht club burgees you will see many versions of orange used in the club flags.

Look in your spice drawer or use vintage fabric for inspiration

This wonderful bedroom by Michael S. Smith is so special.  That wallpaper is the key to this room.

Inspiration from the flower fields of Carlsbad

Kathryn M. Ireland knows how to do bold with fabric.  I absolutely love this chair

The soft blue walls and the amazing quilt are a perfect compliment

A simple cup of orange flowers can do the trick

The subtle orange of Mrs Meyers cleaning product labels

Of course the perfect color of orange can always be found in nature.  I think if you look around you will see some great ideas for using this fun color.
I'm off to squeeze some OJ
~*~best, kelley

Apple Crate Wall Shelves: repair, rethink, reuse

Here is a wonderful idea for a wall organization system.

 I ran across this in a book by Mark and Sally Bailey called Recycled Home.  Here is a link to Baileys Home and Garden (this may or may not work but you can also google it)

They are a  husband and wife team of designers and eco thinkers.  Their philosophy to design?
 "repair, reuse, rethink"
  Their look is so in the moment and yet uniquely their own.  There are gobs of these types of crates available on ebay and at flea markets.  So much fun and a great solution for lots of different rooms!
They have spent the last two years thoughtfully restoring a farmhouse, barn and various out buildings to encompass their vision.  In addition to all that;  they have a cafe which serves all locally sourced veggies artisanal cheeses, poultry, fish and homemade desserts and tea.

What I truly enjoy about this couple is the idea of taking ones design esthetic and incorporating it into all aspects of life.  The way one decorates their home translates even further to how one chooses to eat and  raise a family.  The renovation of the barn was a labor of love for sure and it is reflected in the items that are sold and the entire feeling of the sales spaces.

They sell these wonderful oversized farm sinks and industrial faucets.

I love the sleekness and simplicity of this sofa and the signage stacked on end, how clever!
They sell an entire bathroom of 30's inspired fixtures and fittings
A toothbrush holder in a printers block
And finally the "wellie rack"  which I know I need.
So inspiring don't you think:  repair, rethink, reuse

Have a great week~*~kelley

all photos from Baileys Home and Garden UK