David Austin Roses


I have always loved roses but now I have a new love:  David Austin English roses.  Mr. Austin began developing a new type of rose for the English garden in the early 1950s.  His goal was to combine the look of vintage heirloom roses with the sustainability of modern hybrids.  He not only succeeded in that goal he turned the style of what is considered a perfect rose into something more romantic and free flowing in it's growing habitat.  These roses are perfect companions to the perennial garden in both shape and color.  Most are pastel hued and have an unbelievable rose fragrance.

The heads of these roses are like peonies, with multiple layers of petals.  They are actually very hardy in most climates but do require lots of sun as do all roses, at least 6 hours preferably 8.

What is interesting about English gardens is that they use roses differently than Americans.  Many rose beds are actually hedges and are pruned as such.  The tight compact "hedge" becomes a living bouquet.

I love the idea of the rose hedge and will be using it in our new rear garden area.  I have ordered 4 varieties in 4 different colors which will be a total of 40 rose bushes all planted as 4 compact hedges.

There are many resources on the internet for these lovely plants and can be shipped bare root in January. David Austin is offering groups of 3 for around $60 dollars which is  about a third of what you will pay in April when they arrive in pots.

I just love these and can't wait to get them into the ground when they arrive.
Have a "rosy" week   kelley
  1. hi kelley,

    wow, that is going to really make a statement. can't wait to see your garden in the spring. i'm sure it is going to be absolutely beautiful.


  2. Lovely roses! I have grown these here in the Midwest with some success. They really are beautiful! Look forward to seeing photos of these in your garden!

  3. Hi Kelley. Isn't it wonderful that roses bloom for so long in California? I have several David Austin roses (Cressida, Abraham Darby, Mary Webb, Gertrude Jekyll) which are always good bloomers.Trish

  4. Yes, I love DA roses too! They are so beautifully scented as well, can't get enough of them.

  5. Hi Everyone, I knew there were DA rose lovers out there! The other thing to love about these roses is the NAMES....right out of a Jane Austin novel.
    ~*~best to all: kelley : )

  6. oh how I love roses!!! I wish I could get David Austin roses here in Chile, but there´s no possibility so far.
    Muchos cariños, Kelly
    María Cecilia

  7. Loved my time visiting David Austin Roses in England. It's design, focal points, roses, each stunning. A great destination to put on any trip if you're nearby.

    You make me realize I don't have any in my garden. Must remedy this! Ok, selfishly want showy, fragrant, remontant.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  8. Thanks - you just gave me the perfect suggestion for my mother's birthday gift. She is an avid gardener and will love these!!

  9. Hi Kelley
    I too love the Austins. I am wondering now that you have had them in your garden for a couple years which are your favorites? I love golden celebration, crown princess margareta, teasing georgia, molyneux. I have others that I am not so fond of and many others that I have shovel pruned! Would love to hear what has done well for you!


~*~love to hear from you~*~

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