A Girl with a dog in a Truck


One of the more interesting things that has happened to me since we purchased this little house in Ojai is that I spend a large amount of time by myself.  My husbands office is about two hours away and he comes up at the end of the week and leaves again on Sunday night to spend his week in Newport.

 My son is finishing up his last semester of college and he's not around much either. So... I have been up here alone for about two months and its been really different... but much to my surprise,  really fun.

First off,  I have been busy with the landscape project so I spend most of my days working, shovel in hand.  It also difficult to meet people because the homes are really spread out with large amounts of acreage.  I love vintage gardening tools, by the way.

I say hello and chat with neighbors when they walk their dogs and I love the people at Rains,  the local housewares store.  The farmers at the farmers market on Sundays are really nice as are the guys at ACE hardware;  who say every time I go in there "you're not from around here, are you". Essentially no one knows me.  I'm just a girl with a dog in a truck.

Here's where the truck comes in:  it's not a simple little truck.

It's a big, jacked up,  shiny black, flared out,  double muffler, lifted, stud muffin, country music song singing, Budwiser drinking, Prius eating, Ford F 150, special No Fear Edition from 2003.

 And  I love this truck.

 I have struck up more conversations with random people in parking lots  because of this truck.  They also like to pet my dog Millie who happens to also like the truck,  plus everyone loves a tail wagging lab.

I wanted a truck so bad when I was in my 20's, going to college and was working at a ski area in Utah.  Instead I was driving a Volkswagen beetle.  It got me around but I secretly wished for a big ol' redneck sort of a truck.  So here I am some 30 years later and I finally have my truck.

The truck was actually my son's during high school  but we got practical and put him in something that didn't guzzle so much gas.   We tried to sell the truck but nobody seemed to want a gas guzzler at the time as gas was up around $4.50 a gallon.  Then...we bought this little ranch house and low and behold we had the perfect spot for the truck.

So what is the point of this post exactly ?  Nothing very earth shattering but sometimes life is an amazing, perplexing, crazy journey. And when you least expect it, small interesting things come full circle and land in your lap.
And there you are,  with the sentence ended, the t's crossed and the i's dotted as if it was ment to be.

Quite amazing I think and ya gotta love a great Truck
  1. Kelley, I'm not much of a truck girl, but I am a dyed-in-the-wool Lab Lover. Millie is adorable. And I'm not surprised she enjoys the truck...have you ever met a Lab that doesn't want to go for a ride? If you drove a school bus, Millie would be right there. ~ Jenny C.

  2. Hi Kelley,

    What a great story. Your truck reminds me of the one Kathleen Turner drives in the movie War of the Roses. Remember when she mows down everything in her path. I love that scene!

    Also, thanks for the link to The Perfect Pantry. I was mesmerized for a couple of hours. I even saw yours! I'm not sure I will send my pantry or not. I'll let you know.


  3. My husband has a Ford truck we use for utilitarian things such as gardening/antiquing/remodeling, etc .b/c its hard to get rid of those "honkin" big trucks b/c they're the best for hauling things!....we have 2 labs too, so i loved your precious lab photo!....plus your front porch is adorable...
    we live in Austin , remodeling an 1800's farmhouse w/a front porch, cottage look like yours....just love em'....
    i'm starting to blog more about the ole farmhouse, in bits/pieces ....hope you'll ck out the blog sometime & maybe "follow" too!....LOVE yours....
    have a great day!

  4. Your blog is new to me, but when I read this one I had to smile. We moved to Santa Ynez about three years ago from a very different kind of area. Now, I find myself looking at 1965 Land Rovers because I like the design. It makes no practical sense, but whatever..

  5. Hi Ladies, thanks for the wonderful comments!!!

    Jenny: Millie is my best pal ever and your right she would love to ride in a school bus!

    Hi Anon: Love the Santa Ynez area and get up that way often...65 Rover, oh yea, I say go for it!

    ~*~ xo kelley

  6. Fun, funny post!! LOVE Miss Millie- that is one sweet face!
    That's some truck!! I've always wanted one that looks like your top photo, but in Red! A man down the road refurbishes old cars and lots of vintage trucks, so I have my eye out!!
    Alone time's not all bad is it?!!
    And your front porch looks fabulous!

  7. Great story! I have always wanted a truck, but sadly in London they are hard to find and so not necessary!Have a sweet day!

  8. I drive a station wagon that I will probably have for the rest of my life. I always imagine myself in a smaller car, but I have to face the fact that I have (and always will have) a "station wagon life". Actually I really have a "truck life", but I can't seem to drive anything that large without banging it into things!
    Loved the post.


  9. Hi Brooke: by the way there is not a curb in all of Ojai that has not seen the bottom of my left rear tire tred! k

  10. Ha, ha! This was a cute post! I have always drove a dually pick up truck because I grew up with horses and ranching. Now I enjoy it because I am always hauling plants, trees, soil, antiques and trailers of mulch! My hubby wanted to put me in a suburban but I am just not willing to give up the freedom that a truck allows you. Such a funny post!


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