Local Harvest Ojai


July is harvest time around here.  

 Everything sort of "happens" in the month of July...
it's an explosion of fruit and vegetables
This year we had a bumper crop of peaches which I was able to pick before the squirrels got to them. Peaches continue to ripen off the tree, so you can pick them early and still use them.  
I peel and freeze what we can't eat right away.
 The apples are starting to blush from the sun and are also ready for picking.  
Yesterday I saw a young red tailed hawk sitting on our fence eating an apple...
now that was a first
 So every morning this time of year,
 I walk the garden with a big basket looking for goodies 
that are ready to pick 
and make I plans for 
a local harvest dinner...right from my own garden

 I pick herbs every day and I have to say 
that it is a real treat to use fresh herbs 
continuously throughout the year

 Earlier this year I planted onions and shallot, which are finally ready.  
 The shallot crop had been amazing and the taste is really sweet and garlicky

Most every thing I plant mid summer 
is self sown into the beds
This is my not so scientific way 
of keeping track of what is what.
 I staple the seed pocket onto a garden stake

wild arugula is a favorite for salads or to top a pizza
and it goes from this 

to this in
 about 3 weeks
 try some radishes
they are easy 
and you can toss the greens into salad 
as you thin them out

 This year I have 6 squash plants and a giant pumpkin 

 The tomatoes are starting to ripen 
and I planted 6 different varieties 
some red 
some yellow
small and large

 The grapes will be ready to pick soon...can't wait for those
And the lavender garden is in full bloom 
 So for this mornings harvest...fresh herbs;
thyme, parsley, arugula, basil, sage, rosemary, nasturtium and lavender

 spring onions and shallot

 lettuce varieties

 lemons, oranges, apples, squash and tomatoes

 there's even a pomegranate 
hiding in there somewhere

 I hung the shallot on my kitchen door 
and can pluck one off whenever I need it
and now for some really fun news...

I had the chance to speak with one of my favorite designers last week 
for about 2 hours...!!!!

I love her work and I know you do too

So stay tuned for a great Q & A 

Can you guess who she is?

Have a great week!



Vintage Aqua

 Flowers just seem to look prettier arranged in something old
I have a small collection of odd vintage beverage bottles 
and ball canning jars
 These make a really nice little grouping and I love the aqua color

 Some have a bit of rust or are not really very clear 
but the color is a pretty vintage turquoise that only comes with age and time

 This is one of my favorite roses too: Tuscan Sun
Actually all of my roses are my favorites, this just happens to be the most gorgeous today

 Aqua bottles look so summer-y and beach-y...
and right at home with clean white cotton slipcovers 
and bright French ticking pillows
 a simple easy way to invite summer 
into the house...don't you think?

Ready Set Summer

Summer is here...
are you ready 
to do 
just about everything?

Is your lawn mower sharpened?

lets go...

Summer projects are in the works....

 a new little house for the feathered friends
 fluffy vintage camp blanket pillows

 interesting new veggies like a radish 
that looks like a chicken egg...who knew and very spicy too!

 pickin' a few apples for some pie

 pretty as a peach....made some cobbler
strung some party lights for a few get together's

  added new perennial borders and some little stone path ways

 the garden cart is my summer accessory...
(as are my lovely garden clogs and dirty gloves)

 filling more buckets with flowers

 and guess what?
 the grass got mowed....

summer is looking pretty game for anything we have planned
but relaxing is on the calendar

hope you are planning a relaxing summer too



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