Vintage Aqua

 Flowers just seem to look prettier arranged in something old
I have a small collection of odd vintage beverage bottles 
and ball canning jars
 These make a really nice little grouping and I love the aqua color

 Some have a bit of rust or are not really very clear 
but the color is a pretty vintage turquoise that only comes with age and time

 This is one of my favorite roses too: Tuscan Sun
Actually all of my roses are my favorites, this just happens to be the most gorgeous today

 Aqua bottles look so summer-y and beach-y...
and right at home with clean white cotton slipcovers 
and bright French ticking pillows
 a simple easy way to invite summer 
into the house...don't you think?

  1. I do so agree with you. Your roses look perfect in your aqua jars and look stunning with your white sofa and bright pillows. Absolutely lovely.

  2. Beautiful painting, I love the white rose and all the texture. My father is a painter and I know for him it is hard to ever be done with a painting. He always sees that it needs a little something, where we do not see that. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. How pretty! I have a collection, too.

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  5. Kelley,
    I love your Tuscan Sun roses in your old bottles and they look especially lovely with those two gorgeous pillows. I can see they are different, but both are beautiful. You know I love your style!

  6. Kelly I love that rose is it a floribunda? How disease resistant is it? Love the color!!

  7. I love any type of flower when I put them into vintage bottles and canning jars, I think it reminds me of my grandmother and the way she would have flowers in her house but in simple arrangements. Yours look wonderful, and I love that rose!

    xo Kat


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