Field Trip: Selecting Stone


 Saturday we took a trip to an amazing stone yard in Ventura
to pick  slabs for our kitchen counter tops

 this yard has more interesting stone to choose from!
 above is the slab of soapstone we's huge!
almost 10 feet across and 7 feet high
 quarried in Italy
  near the soapstone was another really wonderful italian stone...similar to soapstone
called Pietra Grigio

it looks similar concrete and is a beautiful pure grey

here is an example of that stone used to make a sink


Restoration Hardware uses this stone
in some of their bathroom consoles
  I'm stuck on soapstone for this kitchen...but I have to say, I would love to 
use the grey Pietra for something

 these are just a few of the amazing large blocks of stone
 for steps and exterior garden details that they sell
this yard caters to DIY'ers too...there were alot of guys with a few kids, 
the wife and a big pick up

I count myself in that group too!

 they also had these big huge slabs of 8 inch thick marble
about 6 feet long
 these can be fabricated into double sinks for a bathroom!
how wonderful would that double sink be?!
 I loved these huge granite bubblers
for a garden fountain 
 there are two HUGE interior rooms
 of more incredible slabs
 some of the colors were so stunning 
and unique,
 mother nature at her best
 blues, greens, rust, black...

 a piece of stone similar to the one below 
was purchased by a customer to mount on the wall as art

what a great about a show stopper!

every rock that is quarried 
yeilds multiple identical slabs
all numbered and indentified
for use on a project 
 they had some really pure white 
Carrera below which was beautiful

the cost of that stone was about 5 times the cost 
of the ususal Carrera marble

when this type of special stone is specified on a project the rejection rate
can be really high too, sometimes up to 20 %

there is also some 3rd rate Carrera coming from Italy,
shipped to China then re-sold
with fillers and repairs as pure Carrera

it is labeled as "quarried in Italy" because that is
the Country of origin

buyer beware right?

thankfully none of that here

 and then of course the timeless Carrera 
that we all love with a touch of grey
and very affordable:
around $16 dollars a square foot
prior to fabrication 

 this showroom had samples of edge details 
and really great descriptions of the various types of stone they sell  
and where they can be found 
throughout the world
 lots of samples to take home...which is really nice
 the slab above was looked like clouds
can you imagine that in a kitchen or a huge bathroom?!!!
you would never stop looking at it
 the slab above looked like shattered 
green glass...I loved it

 and finally they had a variety of slabs 
with fossilized shells and fish
 the fish and large shells were sometimes
2 feet across

 I can see these in a beach house in Hawaii...
I think this was a limestone, but who cares
it was so amazing!

 and finally...we had to make a pit stop in a small little town called Saticoy 
to buy metal studs

I know
my life is so exciting...

 but this is the building supply store 
which was once a train station
 (my contractor told me)
 the trussing and rafters were amazing and so detailed
that I couldn't help snapping a few shots to share

so that was my Saturday

actually pretty fun... 
and it is always a treat to stumble across a 
bit of history in the process


ps:  I got to have really yummy fish and chips for lunch

Kitchen Design Details

Sometimes it is hard to visualize all of the components 
of a project and how they will work together

Which is why
 I always do numerous project boards

When I put an item on the board I immediately know whether
 it is going to work or not
& and if not....delete!

I chose the Thermadore Dual Fuel
6 burner 

I was a safe choice 
but this is a gorgeous stove

 I ended up purchasing the vintage French granite ware pendants 
but almost bought 
the aqua safety glass beauty below
 guess what?  When I included it into the mix on the project board
it looked really odd

We are using a mix of stone for the counters
Some will be carrera and some will be soapstone

Our floors throughout the house are 
reclaimed pine
I think it is important to inclued your floor choice
 when making big design descisions

 This kitchen is really very modern
but remember I have lots of great vintage goodies
 to toss in at the end
Here is my completed project board
for your consideration!