The Kitchen Considered: Chapter 2

...moving right along.

The appliances have been picked....yea
thank-you for all of your wonderful comments about stoves!!!!

I read each and every one and it was so interesting 
how many of you really love the AGA

so now we start considering details
such as layout, lighting and  cabinet design

 For what ever reason, I love to look at light fixtures
and there are sooooo many wonderful things to choose from

There will be three pendants over the sink

 And 7 semi-flush fixtures running the length of the kitchen ceiling

I am seriously considering using something vintage!
I love these graniteware pendants

 The cabinets are  full flush inset, 
custom made  by a local cabinet maker

 very simple
shaker inspired 
 with a simple leg detail
 Sorry for the poor photo quality...I took these with my phone
 This kitchen was re-designed and re-worked a bunch of times 
because the space is really small 
 every detail is important
 Once I started working with my cabinet maker,
 I took  plenty of time to re-sketch,
make notes 
and be sure nothing was missed

 visually this kitchen is very open, 
which I think will make it seem larger

One really nice feature will be three large windows in front of the sink...
a 7 foot opening!

 The cabinets are made of maple and 
will be painted either white or grey
Milk paint might even be an option
 Another interesting aspect about this kitchen 
is that there are almost no upper cabinets.

 we started the demo today!

Hope you will visit often and see how things are progressing

happy remodeling


  1. Helllooo!
    Your kitchen is going to be wonderful!
    Look forward to seeing your posts and updates
    Have a great week bringing everything together

  2. I can't wait to see the progress - looks like it is going to be gorg!!


  3. I'm enjoying coming along for the ride Kelley - love the sound of it!

  4. I love a kitchen with no upper eye is quickly drawn in whenever I see a kitchen with very few upper cabinets and open shelving. I love the simple style and so many gorgeous light fixtures to choose from...I know you'll pick the most lovely one with your great style. Vintage would be nice.

  5. Your cabinets are looking really beautiful already! Love the toekick "feet" detail! Looking forward to see what you end up choosing for lighting.

  6. Thank you!!! Hi Julie, Ashlyn, Tricia, Annie and Super MOM!

    Many people seem concerned by the concept of no upper cabinets, but in reality I think it may help with eliminating clutter. We will have one section of glass fronted uppers that is about 5 feet long. This cabinet will house most of the china.

    I love the first day of demo but I always am a bit aprehensive, especially with an old house. Sort of like a box of chocolates...ya never know what you're going to get!

    xo kelley

  7. First of all how cool to be designing a kitchen, it's my favorite room in the house to design and if I had the money I would re-do my kitchen every few years...crazy I know! And second, I'm in love with everything already, no upper cabinets is a dream of mine, and your fixture choices are all amazing! I can't wait to follow along, and drool a little bit too!

    Kat :)

  8. And another interesting aspect to this kitchen is the guy holding the power sander!
    Can't wait for more! Looks and sounds great, Kelley!

  9. As always, I canNOT wait to see the finished product. Your kitchen in the old house is still my all time favorite so I can only imagine how much I will love this one too!

  10. This is SOO exciting. Love the idea of few upper cabinets. I grew up with a kitchen like that. I am crazy about light fixtures, too.

  11. I love the little leg detail! I'm so excited for you. I just know it's going to be amazing!

  12. I am excited to see your progress. I am in the midst of a kitchen reno, myself. Demo - check; island - check; base cabinets - check; walls painted - check; Sub Zero with glass door - check. Waiting for perimeter counters (Calacatta Oro marble) and upper cabinets (very few). Enjoy the process.

  13. How fun, this took me back to the excitement of remodeling our kitchen. (Now, 9 years ago!) The good news is that I still love it. I am looking forward to keeping up with the progress via your blog...wish I had been blogging in 2003...was there such a thing back then?

  14. can't wait! your last kitchen was one of my all time i'm so excited to see what you'll do next!!
    hope you're doing well....

  15. I'm hoping it will be better than the last one!!!

    Hi Chris, yes the guy with the sander is really interesting. His name is Eric and he has a really long pony tail. I'm told he's quite the ladies man. Either way he's a great cabinet guy ; 0 )


  16. Where are the pendants you show in the fourth and fifth individual pendant photos? I love them! Good luck with your reno!

  17. Love taking this design ride with you, Kelley! Where is that mercury glass type light from?(1st light photo) I love it! I do believe you're building my dream kitchen....! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  18. Kelley,

    We just posted about our bathroom reno and next on the list is the kitchen. YIKES! I am looking forward to seeing your progress. All your rooms turn out so beautiful.


  19. Love your blog! What paint color are the cabinets in photo above your caption" The cabinets are full flush inset,
    custom made by a local cabinet maker"


  20. I love your kitchen ideas! I was thrilled to see the kitchen with the green glass tile backsplash, (Belvue Lane, Newport Beach) My husband built those cabinets! Your cabinets look terrific!!

  21. I love all of the elements you described and cannot wait to see how this project turns out.

  22. Wow, it's uncanny how alike our decorating styles are. My new kitchen, now complete, has the same cabinet style but, I painted them white. The center island is Carrera marble, the other surface is a leather finish granite which looks exactly like one of your choices although it is hard to tell in the picture. I also have a huge window over the sink which takes in a beautiful city view. I love my farm house sink and the open cabinetry as well. It looks like your plans are really coming along. I don't envy you this stage in your remodel but, it will be well worth it as you know. I can't wait to see the finished product!

  23. This is a better time to start on home improvement in kitchen countertops, as the world of fashion is evolving at a fast pace. You may not require a lot of money, if your renovation plans involve small steps.

  24. I would LOVE to get some sources for the light fixtures -- love the top 2 especially. We will be remodeling our tiny tiny kitchen soon, so need all the inspiration I can get!

  25. LOVE LOVE LOVE a kitchen with few upper cabinets - so modern and so not-new-england! Allows for the possibilities of many more when windows when you can. Great cabinet choice and I love a little vintage lighting. Farrow & ball paint! wow!!


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