Cheers! It was an interesting year....

Cheers Everyone

Here's to a New year! 

New Beginnings


Bathroom Renovation: Favorites

We are remodeling 2 bathrooms at our little place in Ojai and I need some inspiration:

Here are some of my favorites..... 
m elle designer
 Molly Frey designer
 Ginger Barber designer

Atlanta Bartlett designer

unknown...but I love that tub!
 via country living
kelley & co home designer
 via country living
 via country living
via country living

which ideas do you like?


Lamp Projects: Master Bedroom update

Remember these?

They are just a few of the custom lamp designs that went "bye-bye" when we sold our house a few months back.
 These were very fun to do... but...

It didn't take long to get started on a few new projects...

These are for the master bedroom and are made from vintage demi-john bottles

 The bases are very different  but similar in shape, height and texture.

They are BIG lamps!

These will sit atop these antique bedside chests

 The shades are made from some vintage French grain sacks with really bold graphics

 There is a bit of orange, yellow and green in the shades and I like these with the orangish-red lacquer finish of the Chinoise chests.
 I know this seems like a weird combination of styles, but it works!
 One of the shades has a woven, frayed patch in the center... that adds a little interest too! 

This is the bed that is going in this room. 
It is the Venice bed from Noir Furniture in a hand rubbed black finish...
Super simple and clean lines.

OK.... We're getting some things done.... finally

More pictures on the way...
Hope you had a fun and happy holiday!


~kelley~ 5 pounds of fudge...

Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas

Wishing you all
Peace Love and Joy

Kelley & friends!

Great Gift Ideas Under $50: #3 The Free Wheelchair Mission


This is by far the best gift I have seen this year...
For $59.20 you are giving the gift of mobility, opportunity, possibility and hope...

 Years ago Don Schoendorfer and his wife were vacationing in Morocco and witnessed a disabled woman dragging herself across a dirt road...there began a journey to bring mobility to disabled and impoverished people throughout the world.  
Don has a PHD from MIT and eventually left a successful career in the biomedical industry to found the non-profit,
Don began tinkering with ideas in his garage and eventually came up with this simple and successful design.
The idea was to build a wheelchair from inexpensive, readily available components, therefore reaching the highest number of people in the shortest amount of time.
Today they have shipped 540,550 wheelchairs!
This is an amazing story and an even more amazing gift.

It is hard to wrap my arms around the concept of any individual without the basic concept of mobility or the possibility of a full life, because we are so blessed in our nation. 

But this is the best gift I will give to my family this year and I vow to give at least two chairs every holiday for as long as this project is in place.
I hope you will do the same.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!
Here is a link to send an e-gift


Great Gift Ideas Under $50: #2

I love my dog
She makes me smile 
a lot

I love Harry Barker dog products too

The dog beds are the best and they look great in the house
These are a bit over $50 dollars but you can purchase the cover alone for around $65

These have been "wear tested" by Millie....
 and she says they are A-OK 
and super comfy 

A favorite new blog called Phetched is full of other great gifts for pets

Booba got some new shoes 
I'm not sure he likes them
He was hoping for a Harry Barker bed


Great gift ideas under $50 dollars: #1

With every one seemingly running around the mall like a bunch of crazies...
I thought it would be fun to do a few posts about some things under $50 dollars that are easy to get and make really wonderful gifts
 We try to travel up the coast of California at least a couple of times a year...
just to explore and try new things. 
 There's nothing like a good road trip to get the "bugs" out.
Our favorite spot...
Big Sur 
And every time we find our selves there...we eat here....The Big Sur Bakery
This is not just a cook book but more of a story...a year in the life of a restaurant...
It's about the bakers, the cooks, the growers, the fishermen
and the magical place that is Big Sur
 The restaurant is a humble little house, next to a gas station...
Funky, a bit 60's groovy and just plain full of wonderful home cooked, thoughtful food.
I can honestly say, the best Pizza I have ever eaten I ate here this fall, on the front deck at sunset!
 The cookbook is $40 dollars and can be found on amazon or you can buy a signed copy through the restaurant here.  The menus are simple and the stories are both funny and intriguing.  I have many times wondered how people end up in these really amazing spots...and this book answers that question!

Here is a link to an older post about Big Sur, just in case you are up for a great road trip!

Happy Shopping
More fun stuff on the way