Lamp Projects: Master Bedroom update

Remember these?

They are just a few of the custom lamp designs that went "bye-bye" when we sold our house a few months back.
 These were very fun to do... but...

It didn't take long to get started on a few new projects...

These are for the master bedroom and are made from vintage demi-john bottles

 The bases are very different  but similar in shape, height and texture.

They are BIG lamps!

These will sit atop these antique bedside chests

 The shades are made from some vintage French grain sacks with really bold graphics

 There is a bit of orange, yellow and green in the shades and I like these with the orangish-red lacquer finish of the Chinoise chests.
 I know this seems like a weird combination of styles, but it works!
 One of the shades has a woven, frayed patch in the center... that adds a little interest too! 

This is the bed that is going in this room. 
It is the Venice bed from Noir Furniture in a hand rubbed black finish...
Super simple and clean lines.

OK.... We're getting some things done.... finally

More pictures on the way...
Hope you had a fun and happy holiday!


~kelley~ 5 pounds of fudge...

  1. WOW!! Kelley,

    It certainly is coming together, very nicely in fact. I can't wait to see the end results.

    Do you cover the lampshades yourself??

    I haven't even made it into the new year yet and I'm being wowed (is that a word?) with what you do!!! Sad but true lol.

    Hope you have a great week.

    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  2. wait .... are YOU making these?
    If so ......
    we need to talk

    Happy New Year dear friend!

  3. Hi Kelley +5# of Fudge!

    Things are starting to look very stylish around your house right now! Wonderful really! Happy Holidays again- xxoo Diana

  4. These lamps are entirely unique which I love to see in decor objects. Fantastic!!!

  5. ~*~**LOVE them Kelley!! :) Hope you had a very Merry Christmas too!! Hugs,Rachel~*~*

  6. I'm amazed every time you "whip up" one of your amazing lamps!! I can't wait to see your Noir bed in its' space. ANYTHING by Noir is to die for!

    Happy Holiday!

  7. Dang....that Noir bed is going to be fabulous!!! Wish it wasn't so expensive to have that stuff sent out here. I know you will "pimp" that bed out so cool that we will drool......and those vintage grain sacks...must hunt me down a few :) You rock!

  8. Dear "Kelley +5lbs of fudge,"
    I LOVE what you are planning in the master bedroom, but I have to ask.. what have you been sleeping on - if not that beautiful bed already?!!
    Love, "Carol + many Italian pastries!"

  9. Crazy cool lampshades. Are you doing these? Any tips? FABULOUS!


~*~love to hear from you~*~

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