The Best Giveaway Yet!!!!!


So here it is...
Time for a great giveaway!!

Just a few of my favorite things from the locals here in the Ojai Valley and my way of saying


to everyone who follows along and have become my "blogging family"
From the Ojai Valley Food Company, their organic ginger citrus grill sauce.
Absolutely the best on chicken and fish, but you can use it on sweet corn and even fruit!
From Westridge market:  Tomato, apple and raisin cheese topper!
Pour this over brie or buratta and serve with crackers and apple yummy.
Locally pressed olive oil with lemon.
Really smooth and fragrant, pairs with balsamic vinegar and french bread perfectly.
The Ranch House Restaurant herb salt.  
A favorite of locals, this spice can be used for anything.  I actually thought this had parmesan in it at first but it doesn't.  
It is really a great all around seasoned salt, really nice and that a word?
Westridge market Jamaican jerk seasoning.
Westridge grills tritips and chicken over mesquite in their parking lot on the weekends and they use this spice rub!  

And finally, I will include some fresh lavender from my garden, as fresh as it gets and so fragrant it will knock your socks off!

So here we go

Leave a comment on this post 
I will choose a winner using a random number counter

Entries will be included up until 12:00 noon on  Sunday, August 8th 
with the winner announced at 1:00 PM

Good luck....can't wait to pick a winner


Linen I Love: Hidden Cabin and Libeco

Here are a couple of resourses for wonderful linen clothes, bedding and home products:

The first is Hidden Cabin
find them here

Very simple and unique 
I am such a push over for European goods,
and their products are so interesting and yet simplistic
How about these for grocery bags or just bags for stuff....which I seem to have too much of
not so good 
This below is Libeco
This company has a history like no other  in the processing of linen fabric 
Their linen sheets are the best quality....ever
View them here
I'm not one for aprons, but I love this one....if I wore one
and yes the table lines are wonderful, I have quite a few

What a beautiful agenda...I think a guy/boyfriend/husband/new BBF  might love this too
And here are the sheets...I can vouch for the quality
I really want to get new sheets, but they are now so soft and wonderful after 3 years....YES...that long

Oh My 
more good stuff

When will it end......?

xo kelley

True Blue Country: the back porch


you need a few pillows
 a few chairs
 big bucket of flowers
stuff from the garden
vintage ticking
lavender drying
a bit of sunshine
& some time


You know you're living in the country when....


You have absolutely no problem sitting on your porch in your PJs at 6:00 AM waving to the neighbors as they walk their dogs

You take a shower and instead of putting on perfume you apply a vigorous dose of Deep Woods Off

Your clean socks and your dirty socks are all the same color

You choose your shoes for the day by deciding which pair has the least amount of muck on the bottom

You wear the same pair of shorts for two days and no one notices

Your dog is brown even though she has white fur

You almost always eat lunch standing up

An afternoon snack is a ripe tomato, warm and just picked off the vine

The neighbors goat doesn't bother you anymore....even if the pen never gets cleaned

You have a nick name for the rat that lives in your composter....."Harvey"

Your new BFF is the gopher guy, Roger

You rarely watch TV and only read the local paper

A good hair day is a new baseball cap

Make up is what you do with your husband not what you put on your face

Everybody's got one...and I'm gonna show you mine

There it is...the dreaded junk closet and I need to clean it up...... pronto!!!
What the....what is all this stuff?.....oh there's that stool....
Thats where I put that rug...I like it....but then why did it end up here?....
What have we here....what are those green things?.....I wonder what that lid is for...
I remember those little pillows...and why do I have so many vacuum cleaner bags....
Do I like them?  I'm not I have a lot of pillows....
Gosh I have a lot of fabric scraps I need these?....
Oh....Hi Baby Bear.....just can't part with my sons favorite stuffed teddy....should I....naw...
Patrick Bear....his nose got loved off....or did the dog chew it?....hmmmm...can't remember.....yep it was the dog.....
I'll just put this boxwood thingy on the rug for now....while I keep going.....
These are Patrick... you sit here so I can take a better look...
I like these...where could I use them?......maybe they are bright....
More grain sacks....I have an illness....
ooooohhh....I like this's too small for a pillow...maybe I I like it....
Oh....all of our old photos.....our Wedding day.....aaawww.....
and the baby pictures......
That's where I put you Mr Sewing time....maybe I should dust in here....
This is cool....neat old maps....
here's one of Africa.....pretty....where did I get these?....
Now this looks good...restoration hardware....what did I buy....
Ugh....really ugly knobs.....and so many.....and so ugly....
Oh yea...I wanted to do that scrapbook project....oh well....maybe I should...I might do it this fall...maybe...
More fabric?...what is wrong with me.....?.....
What a mess.....but I think I might need all of this stuff so I'll just put it away neatly....