Everybody's got one...and I'm gonna show you mine

There it is...the dreaded junk closet and I need to clean it up...... pronto!!!
What the....what is all this stuff?.....oh there's that stool....
Thats where I put that rug...I like it....but then why did it end up here?....
What have we here....what are those green things?.....I wonder what that lid is for...
I remember those little pillows...and why do I have so many vacuum cleaner bags....
Do I like them?  I'm not sure....man I have a lot of pillows....
Gosh I have a lot of fabric scraps too...do I need these?....
Oh....Hi Baby Bear.....just can't part with my sons favorite stuffed teddy....should I....naw...
Patrick Bear....his nose got loved off....or did the dog chew it?....hmmmm...can't remember.....yep it was the dog.....
I'll just put this boxwood thingy on the rug for now....while I keep going.....
These are interesting....here Patrick... you sit here so I can take a better look...
I like these...where could I use them?......maybe they are weird....hmmmm...to bright....
More grain sacks....I have an illness....
ooooohhh....I like this fabric....it's too small for a pillow...maybe I should....no I like it....
Oh....all of our old photos.....our Wedding day.....aaawww.....
and the baby pictures......
That's where I put you Mr Sewing machine....no time....maybe I should dust in here....
This is cool....neat old maps....
here's one of Africa.....pretty....where did I get these?....
Now this looks good...restoration hardware....what did I buy....
Ugh....really ugly knobs.....and so many.....and so ugly....
Oh yea...I wanted to do that scrapbook project....oh well....maybe I should...I might do it this fall...maybe...
More fabric?...what is wrong with me.....?.....
What a mess.....but I think I might need all of this stuff so I'll just put it away neatly....
  1. I would like to own the contents of your "junk" closet , and I would also like a junk closet , I kinda have a junk basement , and its a good thing I do

  2. you have the nicest junk closet i've ever seen:)

  3. There's no JUNK in your "junk closet!" LOL! Hey, maybe you should put some of that stuff up on ebay. I'd buy those axis hide pillows from you! Let me know if you decide you don't like them! :) :)

  4. I like the grain sacks and the boxwood! Look, see it's a YARD SALE! :)Alyssa of BB

  5. Hi Guys!
    Alyssa thinks I should have a yard/garage sale. Could we do a virtual one on my blog? How fun would that be! Or....should I list it all on ebay and go for it?

    what do you think? kelley

  6. You'd save the fee's if you put them up on the blog Kelley, and I'm sure you'd get the interest - seeing as how we're all crazy for your stuff already! LOL! Just put a SOLD sticker on those axis pillows now. LOL!

  7. I love cleaning out old closets. They bring so many memories. cute baby.

  8. Kelley, your "junk" closet is really a treasure chest. Such great stuff you have in there. I love the book of maps and all those grain sacks. Thanks for sharing the memories with us also. Like I said-- a bunch of treasure!

  9. Hi Kelley,

    What a great post, love it. I fell instantly in LOVE with your grainsack cushion with ticking on the other side!! (sigh). One or two of my cupboards look like this. I know I need to be in the mood to go through and I will, just not today!!! My hubby has a hard time throwing things away (it drives me nuts) then the cupboards get to overflowing and then he wonders why things fall on top of him, honestly!! (Now those cupboards I have cleaned). Mmmm, whether to hold a garage sale or put on ebay. What would be easier?? Probably a garage sale. Let us know what you do. Hope you're having a great day.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  10. um, call me baby, I need all of that stuff in your "junk" closet! Melaine

  11. Hilarious! I'll take that rug off your hands!


  12. You are too cute! I love your junk closet...but there's just one problem...I don't see any junk in there...looks like some great stuff to me.

  13. You are such a brave woman! Thanks for showing us all of your "junk" (haha)...it's some of the fanciest junk that's ever been seen! ;)

  14. you are too funny, but i love your honesty and keeping it real! I should share my closet like this one cuz it is similar but worse! (well, it DID get VERY organized a few mths ago, then company came to visit & i shoved the stuff away, hah!)
    Actually I have a few of those drawers/closets here/there that need new organization....but i think it's a constant chaos that most designer/decorators struggle with.....cuz we love so many different things/fabrics and want to constantly rotate the look each season,etc....or we just edit some months and put things away, then pull them back out another season!
    Maybe those garden prints could be framed in a galvanized frame , and hung in your covered potting area?
    And I think those animal pillows are great for the winter and I'd personally hang onto them....
    you inspired me to tackle my bad closet later!

  15. Uh, hello? You call that a junk closet? I was having a fit over all your pillows. I could take a few off your hands for you. Love those maps. Actually, your junk closet is a little store.

  16. Well I guess I used the wrong term for the "stuff" in that closet....but it was fun going through it all and I put it all away and very neatly, I might add.

    thank you for the funny comments! Made my day! kelley : )

  17. Do it! Do it! Do it! I would buy some of the stuff out of that treasure chest! Please let us know if you do decide to sell on ebay or your blog.

    I have an entire bedroom and a closet under my stairs that serve as my "junk closet" and you can't even walk in either of them! Ha! I just throw stuff in and shut the door.



  18. That WAS THE BEST POST EVER! I seriously laughed out loud (while at work!) I could totally relate, other than the fabric and grain sack addiction. I have the same intentions to scrapbook and all the supplies stuffed away - all kinds of stuff - socked away!
    Make sure you give those teddy bears a place of prominence - even if only on the laundry room shelf - they should not be locked in a closet. As for the other stuff - QUICK close the door and don't go back in until you are looking for something!

  19. There's now a bidding war going on for the 'hide' pillows..I want em too! ...I have a 'junk' room in the basement...I dont dare take a picture of it because I'm afraid someone would turn me into the Hoarders show!

  20. hi kelley,

    this is junk? i wish i had your problem!


  21. You haven't seen a junk closet until you have seen mine. I'll be happy to take the grain sacks off your hands!
    xo, Sherry

  22. * That was a cuuuuute read!!

    We have the LARGEST SIZE AVAILABLE "storage garage" that holds alot of the same "stuff" (you, too, have some GREAAAT "stuff", BTW!)~~~ If you decide to let go of the hide pillows, PLEAASE let me know... (I had TWO once, which made a NICE "appetizer" for a certain PUPPY!!!!! Welll, nowwwww she's perfect, but "waaaay back thennnnn" she was a "chewer"!!!

    THANKS! Warmest,
    Linda in AZ *

  23. I venture to say we all have one or more these spaces! I love it when I go into mine and discover all kinds of stuff . . . both cool and not so great. Say, I can't access your email and would like to ask you something. How can I reach you? thanks, -s


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