The "cooks" kitchen


So you like to cook?  
Yes, I do too...but what are the elements that make spending time in a kitchen enjoyable?  And what do great cooks like and need in order to whip up a wonderful meal?

Above is my kitchen and it seems to have most of the elements that an avid cook would want....but the layout is a bit odd with the stove on one end and the fridge on the other.

Is there actually such a thing as the perfect "cooks" kitchen? bettcha
Lets take a look, shall we!
This amazing kitchen is the work of cookbook author Judith Barrett and she's got it all

Item #1
lots of natural light paired with great industrial fixtures

Item #2
large expansive work surfaces

Item #3
the Wolf stove!  
Item #4
storage, storage and more storage.
Notice how well used the pans are... a sure sign of a  avid cook!
Item #5 
Item #6
easy efficient clean up

Yep, she's got it all covered

So here are a few more "cooks" kitchens with the same elements:
Above is the kitchen of Carole Lalli, former Editor in Chief of Food and Wine magazine...

natural light, large work surface, ease of clean up

there's the Wolf stove again

big huge sink

Carole has a Tuscan grill and a pizza/bread oven which she uses all throughout the year

Here is Ina Garten's famous barn kitchen

And here is the kitchen reproduced in Rockefeller Center by House Beautiful

natural light, large work surfaces and big sinks

organization and storage galore

There is one last element I forgot to add:

#7 a nice spot to sit

Thanks for stopping by
here's to the start of a great week!
  1. Love your kitchen, Kelley! I have an all white kitchen too - my favorite kind - but I need to do some work maximizing and beautifying my storage areas and amping up the lighting. I bought fixtures but my "electrician" (read husband) has been dragging his feet! Something about needing to finish our bath remodel first. Silly man, doesn't he know how to multi-task?!

  2. Great post Kelley! I love your kitchen! I adopted your idea of the bread boards in the basket at our second home.
    I hate to cook, but still love kitchens. My obsession continues to be a Traulsen or Sub Zero refrigerator with glass doors. Someday....I just need to hire a hit man to kill my old Sub Zero (17 years old and counting).
    xoxo Delores
    Necklace yet????? :}

  3. hi kelley,

    why isn't your house in a magazine yet? seriously. i ADORE your kitchen. the color the light, mmmmm.

    i cooked professionally for many years right out of my small kitchen. i didn't have any of the above elements you mentioned but it sure would have been nice.


    ps ~ i left you a little comment on my current post about how much i'm in like with you!

  4. Hi Tracy, thanks again and I don't know why men (electricians/husbands) can't do it all like us girls!

    Delores, I know about those sub zero's. The nice thing however is that they always look good.... even at 17!

    Janet!!! Happy One Year Blog_a-versary

    : ) kelley

  5. Your kitchen is fantastic! Love, love, love it. I love all the kitchens pictured. Nothing better than a white kitchen in my book. Just last night I was looking at my kitchen and thinking about all the things I'd like to change about it. I have the white cabinets already. But my tile is black and white. Which I hate. It's mostly white but why oh why did they have to put that black in there? I want so badly to change out that tile.

    Then I have a cook top and wall oven....which I think is stupid....I'd much rather just have a big stove. Someday....someday I'll change it all.

    Thanks for showing all these lovely kitchens...I'd be happy in any of them.

  6. wellllll.....all of these kitchens are to die for...but yours is my favorite!! just gorgeous, i tell you. i love all the white and the green adds so much life...lovin your blog too :0)

  7. That 72" Wolf is just sick. I want one.

  8. Out of all these kitchens, I like yours the best! Love it! Your kitchen pictures from a previous post is what drew me into your blog.

  9. so, you've just compiled photographs of all of my dream kitchens! thank you. love them!

  10. While all those kitchens are pretty, I think yours is much more personal and homey by far. It is just as I imagined, so much charm and personal touches like the rest of your home.


  11. White kitchens will never go out of style. Mine is almost 20 years old and is getting a bit of a makeover but keeping the white ikea cabinets -- now cream :) -- and the furniture, with a bit of a spruce up in other ways (appliances, fixtures, knobs, etc.) That's the thing about white kitchens -- you can always play with them. Love your house and your blog!

  12. And so we dream........

    There are so many ideas that I would love to incorporate in my kitchen renovation...And for now, I dream...and compile more ideas.
    Thanks for these photos.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  13. The kitchens you posted were great inspirations for me in the designing of my own, which I have to say is turning out to be my favorite room in the house...I love it! I wish I would have known about your kitchen when the design wheels were's just as wonderful as the rest, I would have been visiting a lot! to take another peak, so many goodies to look at! xo J~

  14. These are great but yours is the only one with a nice place to sit.........

  15. Oh my gosh...your kitchen is so beautiful!!
    I know we are in need of a kitchen remodel some day!! There are just so many inspiring spaces it's overwhelming but yet so inspiring!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing space!

  16. Love Ina's, but yours is wonderful too!!
    Hope you're having a great summer.....

  17. Hi Kelley,

    I thought this post of yours posed some thought provoking's great to have the looks but it certainly needs to be practical too. I'm with everyone above and love your kitchen too. I love those blue glass jars on your shelf with the tin looking lids. Do they have a special name?? If I seen them here I would have to grab them quick, no doubt about that. Ina Gartens kitchen is gorgeous also...have you seen the HUGE basket she has on one end of her LONG island bench....seriously a 6 foot man could hide in it and you'd have trouble finding him...actually in the recent movie "its complicated' Merryl Streep has the same sort of basket in her dining room (looking from the kitchen to the lounge room) (sigh). So I have decided if I ever spot one of these baskets (slightly military looking) I will be purchasing it without a second thought!!! Dangerous but life is too short to live with regrets like that. Anyway, back to the bookwork for me.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  18. Hello -
    I really like that you boil it down to 6 very basic but important things in the kitchen -
    I spy something that you and Judith share in the kitchen - A "pot filler" at the stove top!
    I agree with Judy all the kitchens are great but yours is best because it has lots of "warm" touches. The others, while unbelievable, are a tiny bit sterile for me.

  19. Hi Carol, I would love to say that I can't live with out my pot filler but I would be lying. Truth be told I rarely use it!

    Janine...I will check to see if there are any men hiding in my are so cute!

    AND thanks for all of the wonderful comments...what is it about kitchens? why do we love them so much?


  20. utterly in love with your blog, just stumbled across glad I did!

  21. Where did you get those bar stools? I found a picture of this kitchen on Pinterest and I MUST track them down!


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