You know you're living in the country when....


You have absolutely no problem sitting on your porch in your PJs at 6:00 AM waving to the neighbors as they walk their dogs

You take a shower and instead of putting on perfume you apply a vigorous dose of Deep Woods Off

Your clean socks and your dirty socks are all the same color

You choose your shoes for the day by deciding which pair has the least amount of muck on the bottom

You wear the same pair of shorts for two days and no one notices

Your dog is brown even though she has white fur

You almost always eat lunch standing up

An afternoon snack is a ripe tomato, warm and just picked off the vine

The neighbors goat doesn't bother you anymore....even if the pen never gets cleaned

You have a nick name for the rat that lives in your composter....."Harvey"

Your new BFF is the gopher guy, Roger

You rarely watch TV and only read the local paper

A good hair day is a new baseball cap

Make up is what you do with your husband not what you put on your face

  1. that's funny!! i know...i used to live in the country...but we did'nt have any neighbors to wave too. my 'makeup' (mascara) keeps melting off from the heat...don't know why i bother? have a good weekend and thanks for following me!

  2. I love it!!!! That is totally my life! However, I haven't flipped my compost in awhile, I'll have to see iof I have a harvey!

  3. Oh my- I loved this post so much.
    That last line about makeup is priceless!
    I never wear makeup anymore- or at least not daily-

    I enjoyed visiting so much,

    White Spray Paint

  4. hi kelley,

    cute post and oh so true.


  5.'s all true. The sock thing really scares me! xo kelley

  6. Everything you describe about living in the country sounds great - except Harvey! He would have to go!

  7. Very funny post Kelley,

    Wouldn't you agree oh so true!!! I can identify with the shoes, but if I seen anything that remotely resembled a rat I would go screaming to the hills...the neighbours would hear me scream even if they lived 5 miles away!!!! I have a thing for rats or mice...I put a mouse trap in my daughters room and went to check it one day with washing up gloves on and picked up the trap (with nothing in it) and it went off and I screamed like a banshee nearly falling off a ladder...not good. Loved the picture of your roses they are really beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  8. I can completely relate to your post. Yep, that is more or less my life.Haa haa.

  9. My parents were both born and raised in Southern CA. Then one day when I was about 12 they decided to get out of the rat race and move to the country in Northern California, near Lake Tahoe. Now I'm where they were at 20 years ago, and I really think sometimes I need to take that leap and move to the country too. Especially after reading your posts about Ojai!!!



  10. too funny! but true!
    we live in Austin, but in more of the hills/countryside....I can relate!
    But the ole makeup gets on the face when i venture out the driveway!
    Bug spray unfortunately is a must around here lately since we've had good rains...

  11. Yup, lived in the country for 20 years, that just about sums it up; love it!


  12. Love the roses and so cool about living in the country, in your pjs.

  13. I need to make my own list... Loved Yours, so funny!

  14. I'd have to add salt to that tomato. Grandma always used to keep a salt shaker on her porch for the maters and melons!

  15. Too cute Kelley! I just came back from 3 days in the country, so I can agree with you!

  16. Enjoy your blog very much! This was a funny post. Thanks for sharing. Claudia

  17. LOVE IT and can relate - grew up in relative country (suburbs) and now married to a city guy!

  18. I'am loving for the country these days. What a wonderful post.

  19. The country sounds like a great place to live:)

  20. Love this post...I can so relate.


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