Kelley & Malcolm McDowell's Ojai Hacienda

This wonderful home was featured in House Beautiful a few months ago and I have to say I thought it was a great renovation  
Kelley and her actor husband Malcolm McDowell live here (some of the time) with their three little boys.  I see them around town a lot and the next time I see Kelley....If I have the guts...I want to tell her how much I love her Ojai home!

It is a 1920s ranch house and somewhat small at 2800 square feet. 
 I believe it was originally designed by architect Austin Pierpont...but I might be wrong about that.  
What I really enjoy about this house is the calm and casual look that it has but it's also really quirky and unique.  Kelley and Malcolm McDowell are avid collectors of folk art and have had their LA home featured in Architectural Digest here.
I am now thinking about how I can use some red leather chairs interesting and sort of art deco maybe?

It's very old California. Nestled in the middle of a large orange orchard on the East end of the Ojai valley.  The temperatures can be much hotter there for some reason, than where we are at in the old Arbolada area.
She really did such a wonderful job combining all sorts of different fabric types and textures. The Native American rugs are a perfect fit. 
The rocks all came from the property and I can vouch for the fact that if you put a shovel in the ground here, you will hit a rock.  We built our entire front wall almost entirely with rocks from the excavation during our landscaping project last summer.  It's 280 feet long!

There is something in the brightness of the sun, the Oaks and the orchards in Ojai that allows for big colors..... And  she used a Benjamin Moore primer for all of the white painted interiors, which I think is a great's a super white ...white!
The floors are a reclaimed wood with a pickled stain and they really make the rooms 
The kitchen is really open and airy and I love the concrete counters.  The chandelier looks almost French inspired but I love it here  
Blow the bathroom with Ojai river rock floors and a unique metal shower door
Love that chandelier too
Pottery Barn did a photo shoot at this house a few months back and if you browse through the current catalog you can see glimpses of the house re-styled with PB stuff
Her use of Kilims, suzannis, old Mexican pottery and just plain good crusty painted antiques against the white back drop is so refreshing.
Kelley McDowell is my new muse for my little rancher in Ojai

I will keep you updated on my progress... : )

have a wonderful weekend

  1. hi kelley,

    very, very beautiful. i still like yours though.


  2. I loved this house when I saw it in House beautiful and I love it today reading your post! I can't wait to follow your progress on your "little rancher"! Also, I just read your post from a while back about Karin Blake. I have followed her for years and love her style - the mix of country antiques used in a minimal way is wonderful. Sometimes in the current design world I feel like I am the only one who has loved and still loves all of my Mexican things, folk art, and quirky collections. Reading your blog I don't feel so alone. Thank you.

  3. I was smitten with her house too when I read about it in House Beautiful. I thought of you and wondered if you were neighbors. Your house rocks too!

  4. What a lovely home!!! I love the white mixed with the colors....just perfect:)
    I love your rock wall cute:)

  5. Hi Kelley,
    Thanks for sharing this home with us. Here, I can't always get the American interior magazines that I would LOVE to loook at and am always appreciative when someone features something on their blog. Without going back and looking at the previous post, did you not show us some gorgeous fabric that you were going to do something with (?)....if my wonky memory serves me correctly, the fabrics you did show, I think will still have the feel to the home featured above...anyway, can't wait to see what you do!! It's all exciting, isn't it, I think this is what I love, nutting things out...deciding what's going to happen next!! I do wonder though if I was presented with a room, what would I do? Would I just panic on the inside and go blank...Do you instantly know what you are generally going to do with a room? Sorry, to bombard you with questions but it's just that I have wondered for a while, if that does/can happen....everytime I go somewhere in my mind I look at a space and think what I would do with it...try not to be too noticeable if I'm in someone's house (hahaha). Anyway, enjoyed this post. Thanks
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  6. Love those red chairs & all the flag pillows!

    Also, your rock wall is soooo beautiful.....
    Ojai looks so peaceful....

  7. Gorgeous. My dream is to own a home in Ojai. We have family there and everytime we visit I NEVER want to leave. In my opinion it is the best place to live in California! ;)

  8. What a beautiful home. I just love the stone wall,, and the side patio with all the gorgeous rugs,,,, ahhhhhhhhhhh love it...


  9. Shouldn't everyone have a chandelier in the bathroom? Great!!


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