Lets take a walk: Reese Witherspoon's Ojai Ranch

I'm sure most of you know that actress Reese Witherspoon purchased a little (7 acre) ranch a few years ago, in the historic, Arbolada area of Ojai, California.

This month, Elle Decor
shares her newly re-done interiors
and I thought I would share a few of the photos with you too!

But hey...how do we get there?

Well... my dog Millie knows the way, because she
 walks by there every day

let's go Millie

up the road 

doggie bags....check
camera....well just for today

First stop is my friend Christine's fruit stand...
it looks like she had quite a few visitors yesterday!

This is a very private area, 
known mostly to locals as the Palomar trail.

Horses and dogs love it
and so do the people who are with them!

Millie usually likes to look at the goats up the trail, 
but she never gets too close...
she gives me this look like...who are those dogs 
and why do they smell so funny?

 There are some wonderful homes along the trail,
with great vintage details
 like this scalloped picket fence!

 We love to stop and look at the tomato's
 this family sells at their little stand...
only locals would find this
and I never have any spare change... but yum!
 Remember this house?  Read my post about it here
What an amazing and beautiful restoration they did....I am soooo jealous!

Are we there yet?

Millie says yes, 
so lets go inside and see what is new 

Reese worked with Los Angeles based designer Kristen Buckingham and the feel of the house is really different from when she originally purchased it,
about 4 years ago.

Designer Katheryn Ireland,
known for her great use of color,
owned the property prior to Ms W.

Kathryn spent quite a few years upgrading and renovating this wonderful home and you can find more details and wonderful photos in her book: 
Creating A Home

I love her work,
 and have posted about it quite often,
you can read more here 

Above is the newly re-done office area

The office before; really quite  a change.
Kathryn was responsible for refurbishing 
all of the original hand wrought fixtures and fittings,
original to the house and forged right here on the property.

This is Reese's daughters room...I just love this room don't you!
The colors are so soft.
Look at that closet door!!!! 
The little bedroom before. 
 Notice the cute little lamp above the chest
 in a Kathryn Ireland fabric and how different it looks today
with the new pink shades.
A new dining area, very chic and so much more formal, 
but really beautiful with the old saltillo tiles and original iron work.  
Kathryn used many of her signature fabrics throughout the house, 
when she lived here
and the feel was very Moorish
 and vintage. 

 I happen to really love the curtains above 
and think they would have worked with the new decor as well.

 This historic home originally was designed as a stables 
for the Libby family's horses and cows, 
 then re-worked into a family home by Austin Pierpont.

It is full of these wonderful nooks 
and details that are so charming and typical 
of early California  architects

Kathryn's work above...what a beautiful daybed with the Fortuny inspired pillows!

 The little nook today...very spare and sharp
but I love it!

Amazing iron work!

The huge fire place with Kathryn's 
signature details and casual flair for color
Notice how the huge beams and hand troweled plaster 
works with both of the decor styles
The living room today...don't you love the little Juliette balcony to the left.

I  love this room, with the exception of the plant on the ledge. 
Could that be the work of a stylist?  I think so!

Kathryn's bold living room before...so her and so grand.
New version above... and guess what kids?  
The rug is from Pottery Barn!

I'm in love with those chairs

What a difference!
The Robert Kime fabric on the chairs
and the earthy tones of the couch and quilt...

But don't we love them both?

Another feature of this property,
 are all of the little out buildings and guest houses.

Above is the forge for the iron workers of long ago.

This area of Ojai is an old growth Oak forest,
which that is why it feels so secluded and majestic...
perfect for dining al fresco.

The temperature here tends to be at least 10 degrees cooler
than any where else in the Ojai valley.
Portico's, walks and stone work are everywhere.
Reese has dogs, chickens, horses, ponies
and probably dozens of gardeners too ...
which is why this place so wonderful.

Kathryn and friends above,
enjoying some lunch in the garden
and now the new wisteria covered dining area outside 
for Reese and her family to enjoy

How interesting is this house
with two completely different styles?

I think the house, is really the star of the show...
but I won't tell the decorators!

Elle Decor photography: William Waldron
House Beautiful photography: Victoria Pearson

now back home  we go...me and Millie

hope you enjoyed the walk

see you soon

  1. Oooh thanks for the walk and the peek inside the house. I have to say that there are things I like about both of their styles. It just goes to show that you can make a house your own while you live there and still have it retain its original charm! Thanks for the tour(s)!


  2. Thanks for taking us on your walk! The house is gorgeous, and it wore both styles very well. How fun to have Reese as a neighbor :)

  3. Hi Kat, Carolyn and Erin....so true that all styles will work in a wonderful house!

    xo kelley

  4. Great walk and tour! I have seen the entrance to the Libby house and thought for a fleeting moment of doing the 'ditzy lost blonde' thing just to get a peek...but my husband was with me...rats!

    I love something in each room of the home, before and after. Those interior elements, always personally chosen, are as different as each of our personalities. I love interior design for that reason, it's ever-changing, enticing and visually...just plain fun! Love this look into Reese'a world...love your 'hood!'
    xoxo, Chris

  5. Loved the tour! It's so fun to see the same rooms decorated differently. I like Reece's more edited style. It's lovely.

  6. Hi Kelley, that was soooo much fun going back and forth, up and down, looking, compairing...I'm loving both styles, I have loved Kathryn I's use of color and casualness, but the Reese looked seemed to show off the house more, to me at least. I have always loved that area in Ojai, walking to friends houses from my Matilija school days...anyway, try to talk Millie into taking you on more walks! :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing this! :) LOVE kathryns style..her colours were perfection for this home! xo Rachel

  8. WOW!!! How is that to live so close to Reese!! I just love her home!! Thanks for sharing!!1

  9. ::clunk::

    Yeah...I think I enjoyed the walk alright!

    That property is STUNNING...and my all time fave no matter HOW it is decorated. Lucky you living close enough to stalk!

    Lovely lovely corner of the world you live in!!

  10. What a beautiful house, love what Reese has done to it...looking forward to getting that issue of Elle Decor.

    My husband and I will be in Ojai in August for 4 days. Since you are a local could you possibly recommend some eateries? I heard Hip and Suzanne's were rated highly...Thanks!

    Linda in San Diego

  11. Thank you for the delightful walk and tour. You are correct...the house is the star! I love the details...the arches, the beams, the little balcony... And that outdoor dining area is just about perfect!

  12. THANK YOU, Kelley, for this wonderful walk through that fabulous neighborhood! I grew up in Upper Ojai and can get soooooo homesick. Thanks again, made my day!

  13. So glad you enjoyed the walk...it is really a beautiful spot and you can see why she purchased the house. No one really knows how to get to it and it is very very private. We are all happy to have her as a neighbor!

    xo kelley

  14. Loved the walk and the house! Even though I am normally a fan of color, I like Reese's more subdued color palette. Thank you for sharing. We are all jealous that you live so close to Reese and the really cool house!

  15. what a great tour. And i like both mixes here and there. Lucky u to live right by her.

  16. I fell in love with this house when you first posted it. Part of me does love Kathryn's colorful interpretation the most. But, the newest look is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing it's newest transformation.

  17. I have that book about Kathryn's former home,
    love it! I live in Florida-near the beach so this style is not really me but I love to look at all styles. I can see why most of the comments that were made were in favor of both styles. I like some of what Reese did but the
    house seems to call for more color to me.
    I love your blog and I used a photo from one of your bathrooms to show my tile man how to do the various patterns of white tiles with subway and bigger tiles-it turned out exactly how I wanted it-beautiful! The bath I am talking about had touches of green in it with a black mosaic floor.
    I used a white mosaic floor since I needed a lighter space for this small bath in a guest room. I love your style of decor, too! Thank you

  18. I loved seeing all the things on this post.thank you so much!!!!

  19. I love the tour you took us on - and I think Reese's home is absolutely fabulous!!!!

  20. LOVE that house tour - both versions! I especially love all those "under stair nooks"

  21. Hola

    I spy Mary Emmerling, one of my favorite designers/authors/shopkeepers -- ever! She is shown dining outside with Kathryn. I heard Mary has opened a new store in Santa Fe but can't find a website. Anyone know anything?

    K A Y
    RedBird Vintage Home

  22. Well put Kelley...the house is the star...

  23. Enjoyed reading your blog. I adore those dining area with foliage above.

  24. I think I am obsessed with this house! Thanks for sharing......FYI..... I heard a rumor that "Edward from Twilight' fame - Robert P. is hanging out/holding up with Reece and family at her Ojai estate to escape the media.....watch out for the photographers :-)

  25. All the antlers are a big turn-off.

  26. The designer of this house and landscape has managed to keep the designed here aesthetically beautifully and keeping outside more natural.

  27. I loved seeing the home both ways...just beautiful! I absolutely enjoyed the walk!

  28. Hi to all, just in case you can't get enough of this house Cote de Texas just did a wonderful post about this too.

    PS I think Robert is actually lurking about...if I see him I will ask him very politely for his autograph and then see if he would like to come over for a drink. A girl can dream can't she!?


  29. thanks for the shoutout - i just talked to the decorator's asst and he said they put a library in that rotunda that overlooks the living room!!!! sounds so dreamy - that is exactly where i would put one!!! and the plant is not a prop. they like it there!! what a gorgeous neighborhood you live in. lucky girl!!!!

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