Mud Room & Office Space


 Well hey are we doing?
I took a few days away from the blog to work on some projects....
 I know gets in the way of blogging!
 nope did not get to go 
; 0 (
But lots of things happened in the laundry room.  The movable pantry shelving is now gone and everything is back in the kitchen.  We pulled off all of the weird acoustic tiles....actually I didn't, I hired someone and boy did he earn his money.
The tiles were stapled and glued and then he had to sand off all of the glue!!
What a mess.
 This is going to be a multi-purpose room,
more than a mudroom or laundry space.
It is a good size and we can use all the space we can find in this little house
 We put down a new stone floor which as you can see is black
and we added two new windows at the end of the room and much more lighting
All of the plumbing was relocated and new electrical was installed
as well as flexible metal tubing behind the walls, for data lines for the home office.

 My life is not complete without a shop vac in the picture!

 This space was actually a breezeway from the garage into the house and was  inclosed at some point,
 but the walls were still clad in the old exterior redwood siding.
We tried to save it,  but it just started looking really cobbled together,
so new board and batten went up on all of the walls and the doors and windows are trimmed out in a simple shaker detail.
  A desk and built in cabinets will go in, to the right of the door and just outside the kitchen
 We are putting in a nice utility sink for washing vegetables and cutting flowers from the garden...oh and washing up after a long day in the dirt and sun

I have a desk set up here temporarily until the cabinets are finished 
but I already love working in here

I need to come up with some really great solution for the washer/dryer...they don't really look that bad but I think I might like to cover them up somehow, so I don't feel like I'm living in the laundry room

I will share the final project soon....this is the last one for me for a while

I'm pooped

Hope you are enjoying the long summer days

now back to work for me....kelley

  1. Hi Kelley, This is all so wonderfully beautiful! I liked it before, but probably because of how you decorated it. I can't wait to see how you finish all of this and I know that you, being so creative, will come up with something very clever for the washer and dryer!

  2. I love what you have done and wish so badly that I had a space like this! If I had the same dilemma with the washer and dryer, I think I would put up a long wooden shelf just over the tops of the machines and hang a beautiful linen skirt in front of them. Something like in the kitchen of the movie It's Complicated. Have fun figuring it out. I love your blog!

  3. Hi Kim and Kristin...I agree with you. I like the idea of using some sort of fabric or maybe shutters!?

    And shelves are a must too!

    xo kelley

  4. Can't wait to see it all pulled together! Also, still want to see the finished kitchen : o )

  5. Lookin good ! Not that you asked for ideas to hide the washer and dryer but,,, I was thinking a skirt as well or a burlappy panel or more hung from wall to wall more like curtains that you can just slide over. Ballards ?? I guess that might hide the light though. Anyway love where your going in the room.

  6. Hi Melinda....all ideas are welcome!

    give um to me....!

  7. Love to see more Kelley projects! And as for the shop vac...we have three! My husband's favorite thing! He even uses it to suck up ants...
    xoxo, Chris

  8. Are the new doors new or just chippy painting was done on them .

    Love them.......

  9. Well hmmm. A "knee wall" (if there is room) would be kinda permanent and kinda "define the space" (it might constrain the space too)but would allow the windows to show and cover just to the height of the machinery and you could put fun stuff on the ledge top.
    A set of translucent screens on casters (think "shoji screen") would be more flexible but I personally would never ever want o block the window in any manner...but that is just me...

  10. Love love love your canvas rolling laundry baskets--did you purchase them recently??

  11. Love the floors. Could you tell me what the stone is?

  12. Hi Kelley
    I know this is an old post but I somehow missed it in the craziness that is my life lately! Love what you are doing to this space. Would you mind sharing what the flooring is? Also I am sure you have seen it...can't find the image...but have you thought doing counter wall to wall and covering the washer & dryer with burlap or linen curtains...just a thought

  13. Will you paint the walls or leave them natural?

  14. What a pretty laundry space I adore the french laundry basket too cute!

  15. What a cosy place you have there! A perfect area to be productive in a day's work.

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