Superbowl Football Favorites


Here are a two of my favorite easy recipes for tailgating, picnics 
"the BIG game"

I always use Franks Hot Sauce.  I've tried others but every one seems to like Franks the best.  Barbecue your chicken if you can because it has much more flavor.  You can cook the wings the day before too!

this is really rich and goes great with the hot wings

If you are in love with me, and want to add that to the menu with some tortilla chips
you can find a great recipe here

have a fun weekend...I don't even know who is playing in the super bowl
oh it Seattle and Denver?

who cares...I like the commercials 

PS  you can drag the recipe images to your desktop 
and print them out if that makes it easier ; 0 ))
PPS  Don't forget to pick up the beer and margarita mix too

Winter Flowers


It's really been slim pickin's around here, trying to  find anything for a winter bouquet.  
Very little rain has left the garden bare and not all that inspiring.  

Here is a little bouquet of mis-matched sprigs...definately not a show stopper...

but I actually like the subtle grey and faded colors 
dotted with a few bright blooms

an odd assortment 
in an old yellow ware pitcher

flowers are flowers 
and they always make me smile...especially on a grey winter day

See you soon!



Writing about the stuff of life is sometimes hard...
reading it again later is always humbling
and sometimes it is just really funny...

here is an "oldie" from a few years ago and still true today

You know you're living in the country when....

You have absolutely no problem sitting on your porch in your PJs at 6:00 AM waving to the neighbors as they walk their dogs

You take a shower and instead of putting on perfume you apply a vigorous dose of Deep Woods Off

Your clean socks and your dirty socks are all the same color

You choose your shoes for the day by deciding which pair has the least amount of muck on the bottom

You wear the same pair of shorts for two days and no one notices

Your dog is brown even though she has white fur

You almost always eat lunch standing up

An afternoon snack is a ripe tomato, warm and just picked off the vine

The neighbors goat doesn't bother you anymore....even if the pen never gets cleaned

You have a nick name for the rat that lives in your composter....."Harvey"

Your new BFF is the gopher guy, Roger

You rarely watch TV and only read the local paper

A good hair day is a new baseball cap

Make up is what you do with your husband not what you put on your face


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The Art of Simple

 Nothing is quite a wonderful as a simple, quiet room.
Filled with your favorite flowers
a soft comfy chair.

pretty white ironstone collections

touches of country blue
rows of white chairs and floppy hydrangea
a furry friend to keep us company

this is the fine art of simple...practice it often

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Found Style

 January has been a month of organizing, catching up and re-thinking things
Sometimes a little inspiration can make you look at things in a whole new way.
These images are from a wonderful book called 

I think I'm still finding my style
How about YOU!??

Cheers, Kelley