Superbowl Football Favorites


Here are a two of my favorite easy recipes for tailgating, picnics 
"the BIG game"

I always use Franks Hot Sauce.  I've tried others but every one seems to like Franks the best.  Barbecue your chicken if you can because it has much more flavor.  You can cook the wings the day before too!

this is really rich and goes great with the hot wings

If you are in love with me, and want to add that to the menu with some tortilla chips
you can find a great recipe here

have a fun weekend...I don't even know who is playing in the super bowl
oh it Seattle and Denver?

who cares...I like the commercials 

PS  you can drag the recipe images to your desktop 
and print them out if that makes it easier ; 0 ))
PPS  Don't forget to pick up the beer and margarita mix too

  1. Yummy I cannot wait to try these two recipes, they both sound delish

  2. YUM! some of my favorites things to eat!! And I agree that Frank's makes the best traditional wings!

  3. It's the Chinese year of the horse. You know what that means. Go Bronco!


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