A New Project in Santa Barbara

 In what should be described as an ongoing effort to have a crazy insane life....
filled with hammering and drywall dust....
we decided to purchase a very interesting old house
 circa 1925

 It sits in the heart of Santa Barbara with a pretty view of the city 
as well as the ocean beyond 

What I loved most when I first saw this house are the early Spanish architectural details
and how the house is perfectly nestled into the setting 
between two huge old cedar trees
 It was renovated somewhat in the mid 1990's 
but there is still quite a bit to be done
We will need to add to the square footage because it is really reeeeely small
but bright and cozy 

 I love the yard and have lots of plans in my head for new beds 
and a nice vegetable garden

and maybe a wonderful fountain? somewhere ?

We have only had just a few weekends to get acquainted with our new little house 
but it has really been fun and I think the house likes us too

 last night we were treated to a beautiful sunset
I hope to share some more photos soon

Have a great week!