Well, it's about time I broke the news....
 I have posted so many pictures of this wonderful house over the last year and it now belongs to a new family
 This was a hard decision for my husband and I.... but one that will bring new challenges and new beginnings
 I sold it completely furnished, collections and antiques included....I know, I know
 That was the hardest part for me...the letting go of the many things I have found in antique malls and flea markets 
and have lovingly placed on shelves and tables
 I never really wanted to sell everything, but it just seemed like most everything belonged here....
 For those of you who are new to the Polished Pebble Blog...many of the things I do are one of a kind and funny quirky sort of design ideas and they just belong in the homes they are placed in...
 I like to find a common ground with things I use... to inspire everyone...
I want you to say "I can use that in  my own house"  and maybe help to jump start a new project with just a little pillow fabric...
or a simple pot of flowers...that is what unique ideas can do...
 So what is next for me?   Lots of things....
 We will spend more time in Ojai and plan on starting a new search for a great little house that we might just end up in until....well whenever
 I have loved the process of finding and decorating....and collecting
 The dishes came with me.... but not the great cabinet
...but  I did manage to sneak out my chickens

The bread box is now filled with orchids of another color....not mine 
 I sold most of the art work, including the wonderful oil by Jean Jack...but I called her and she has another she knows I will love
 And yes Mr Grainy and I are no long an item....but a love like ours may never really be over
 The view I enjoyed will be a bit different now...
 And the movie watching will be on another fluffy couch...
 But life is full of things that change....
 A friend told me yesterday.... when one door closes anther one opens
...and I think that is very true
 So here's to the future and the opening of new doors

gosh I love that it bad to love a sink?
Sleep tight my little house...and to all of my wonderful blogger friends
my sincere thanks for your support and lovely comments...

you are the best


A new project


These are a few of the elements I will be using for a new project: 

Here is how they look grouped together

Any thoughts?


Rancho American Style

Lately my flea market shopping 
has been focused on old 
Rancho California style furnishings and collectables from the 1930's
It is an eclectic mix of things that appeal to me 
but the painted and bright pieces are the most sought after by collectors 
 Here are a few of my favorites
Bauer Pottery
Monterey furniture

Malibu tiles and chunky carved wood
Vintage Navajo and Mexican Chimayo rugs

Vintage pottery from Mexico

Spanish Colonial lighting
Anything with the "little sleeping man in the sombrero"
Crackle painted "what nots"

The weird and the simple
Hand painted 
Tile and iron 
Tile and wood
and last but not least...
 fun and simple Equipale seating
I know
quite the mixture...but who said I wasn't brave

I'll show you how I put some of these things together in a room
~have a fun and sunny weekend~