Little Ranch House: followup photos

19 comments: as promised, 
I went to visit the little historic Ojai hacienda, just up the road from me that is for sale. was....interesting...unique....and sort of sad.
But very sweet 
and it could be a wonderful project for someone with imagination and a big check book!
Lets get on with the tour....
Here is the main living room area.  
The fireplace is really pretty and I bet there is more stone behind the wall above the mantle.  

The photo on the coffee table is of the owner.  
It is her graduation announcement from Smith College from 1939.  
She apparently lived here for a very long time.  I think she may be only the second owner and since the home was built in 1917 or there about,
 that's a long time!
Loved the rug.....hello Smokey!
The note on the couch said "rug for sale" which totally cracked me up
No need for comments here, but the casement windows were in pretty good shape
Master bathroom
Master Bedroom
The house is full of knotty pine paneling.
Guest room
The house has two bedrooms and a family room, 
but is long and narrow and could be reworked to make another bedroom.
On to the guest house....
This little house or retreat was really cute....more animals on the walls, but I love the fireplace
It was definitely like a trip back in time walking into this house.  
So many different eras of "stuff" in the rooms but nothing really from today, which was so weird.
I literally wanted to rip those curtains off the rod to take them with me!
It was old faded floral still my heart
The lot itself is large (2 acres) and needs tons of TLC
These garage doors were massive and slide to open.
The weird thing on the door is for a punching bag
The roof line details are very pretty and simple.  
If you buy this house you must work within the original footprint and can't make any real drastic changes to the exterior with the exception being the landscaping 
....get out the backhoe
Just tons of old stone and rock and cobbled walls everywhere you look
....but the oaks are really huge and old
This area was a picnic spot at one time, with a big stone cook top/BBQ
Unfortunately there are not any citrus on this property 
because a nice orchard is a big bonus in Ojai
So are you in? 

This is a unique opportunity for someone....just not for me,
but I did kick it around...

Thanks for stopping in...
I will have
more good stuff to share later in the week

  1. What I would give to restore that house! I'll wrestle you for those floral drapes!

  2. That house is a BIG project... I don't blame you. Thanks for the tour... I'm sure you could suggest they sell the linen floral curtains!!

  3. Oh wow ~ I would love to tackle that house. I see so much potential and beauty. If only....

  4. I love the kitchen curtains with the long ruffle across the rod! I'm surprised for something that age that there isn't more that's salvagable. What a big job!

  5. Fun tour. I'm curious what the asking price is?

  6. Hi...and here are a few more details. The house is currently listed for 1.5 million but they may have dropped the price in the last few weeks. I was told the heirs are anxious to get an offer.

    The house is not being sold as the work of a notable Architect but was part of the original Libby Estate and so the work was done in the same time frame as the Wallace Neff buildings across the road.

    A similar house not far from here, recently renovated, at 2500 sq. feet is currently listed for 3.5 may know about that house. I did a little post about it, a few weeks back!

    One additional problem that we saw, was that the lot is sort of cut in half by a path/trail that everyone uses and the property itself is definitely the larger issue to deal with.

    It will be very interesting to see who buys it. Stay tuned.....xx kelley

  7. Hi Kelley, This looks like quite a project. It could be a beautiful home with a lot of work I hope someone sees the potential and restores it.
    Hugs, Sherry

  8. Hi Sherry...I do too!
    It will be very special when it is done


  9. Wow....that house has good bones but it sure needs a lot of work. But I can see potential - like the paneling which I would paint white first thing! So much fun to see other houses at there. :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  10. Hey Sherry....WHAT a project! I have re-done 13 houses in the past several years. Two of them were historical restorations. Actually, I can see tons of potential in the house but OH MY..what a big job to tackle. Cracks me up about the pleather couch with the Rug For Sale sign. How funny is that?

    And, seriously, I would LOVE to have those floral curtains from the bedroom (or office or whatever it is). Did you notice the three different styles of lamps in front of them..all from different eras?

    Thanks for the tour! Sure you don't want to move? C' know you're always up for a challenge! Hugs- Diana

  11. I am just itching to get my hands on this project! What a fabulous place to jump off and make it fabulous.

  12. Great house, big lot...but...I said it before and I will say it again... "that house is 5 years hard time and a lot of Money!"
    But won't it be fun as a neighbor to watch who ever buys it, update it?

  13. Charming house and would be a great project...but ALOT of time & $$$....after re-doing so many homes, I'm learning to remember that homes that age need more than just what they eyes can see!
    But, it also would've been great to see someone with your talent, take on that project!

  14. I found it interesting that the house had cork flooring tiles (at least I think that they look like cork, having grown up in the 50's). Cork is back in style, isn't it? So, the floors could stay, right? Love all the rocks and patios outside. I will tackle the outside if someone else does the inside!

  15. HI Kelley...I'm so glad you posted this house as I've been fantasizing about what a great remodel it would be and have been dying to walk through since I saw the for sale sign. Hmm. Too much work for me but it could be great with some time and dough! Thanks, neighbor Penny

  16. The outside is so charming...and whomever purchases the in for a lot a work...followed by a lot of pride.

  17. What an interesting tour...seeing all that old stuff...not to mention the bears on the walls. You spotted the only "find" in the entire house with those curtains. I think that's what they call trash to treasure!

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