Well, it's about time I broke the news....
 I have posted so many pictures of this wonderful house over the last year and it now belongs to a new family
 This was a hard decision for my husband and I.... but one that will bring new challenges and new beginnings
 I sold it completely furnished, collections and antiques included....I know, I know
 That was the hardest part for me...the letting go of the many things I have found in antique malls and flea markets 
and have lovingly placed on shelves and tables
 I never really wanted to sell everything, but it just seemed like most everything belonged here....
 For those of you who are new to the Polished Pebble Blog...many of the things I do are one of a kind and funny quirky sort of design ideas and they just belong in the homes they are placed in...
 I like to find a common ground with things I use... to inspire everyone...
I want you to say "I can use that in  my own house"  and maybe help to jump start a new project with just a little pillow fabric...
or a simple pot of flowers...that is what unique ideas can do...
 So what is next for me?   Lots of things....
 We will spend more time in Ojai and plan on starting a new search for a great little house that we might just end up in until....well whenever
 I have loved the process of finding and decorating....and collecting
 The dishes came with me.... but not the great cabinet
...but  I did manage to sneak out my chickens

The bread box is now filled with orchids of another color....not mine 
 I sold most of the art work, including the wonderful oil by Jean Jack...but I called her and she has another she knows I will love
 And yes Mr Grainy and I are no long an item....but a love like ours may never really be over
 The view I enjoyed will be a bit different now...
 And the movie watching will be on another fluffy couch...
 But life is full of things that change....
 A friend told me yesterday.... when one door closes anther one opens
...and I think that is very true
 So here's to the future and the opening of new doors

gosh I love that it bad to love a sink?
Sleep tight my little house...and to all of my wonderful blogger friends
my sincere thanks for your support and lovely comments...

you are the best

  1. Kelley---This just goes to show you that what they say on all those HGTV shows about stripping down all the personal items so that people will buy your house is all a bunch of "you know what". This house and those things...they were made for each other. And someone appreciated them enough to want to buy the house furnished. When we were looking at houses there were some that had their stuff in them, all decorated, and I would walk in and just think "I could live here". That is probably what someone is saying about your house right now. It is sad to move isn't it? This time in our lives is so different than anything I had ever imagined. My kids have gone on to their own homes and here I sit...wondering if this is where I should stay or should I move on and try something new? But, with the market the way it is, who knows! You were lucky to find a buyer.

  2. * I'm sorry Kelley, but I just don't "get it"... I hope you don't mean that you & your husband will not be "together as a couple" anymore, & are going separate ways to lead separate lives. I hope I misread that... However, IF that is the case, my heart goes out to you, dear one... I cannot imagine anything other than love, joy and laughter coming from this most beautiful of homes.

    My warmest wishes,
    Linda in AZ *

  3. Hi Kelley, Oh No You Didn't!! I hope you got tons of money for this fantastic home and all your beautiful things! The people that bought your home are extremely lucky to move into this beautifully decorated home. Two years ago we rented our home completely furnished and moved with only three pieces of furniture. In some ways it was hard to leave certain things but it has also been fun to start decorating from scratch. I know where ever you end up moving you will create another gorgeous home. Beat of luck to you!
    Hugs, Sherry

  4. Hi
    We are still a couple...a couple of nuts probably...and yes this was a very hard decision, but....

    think of all the new things i will find...and blog about....oh my!

    kelley :)

  5. ~*~Wow those lucky buyers..your home is absolutely beautiful and how were you able to come up with a price that is fair for your one of a kind treasures! You are so brave!! Blessings to you and your new open road ahead~*I look forward to your new postings~*Hugs,Rachel :)

  6. I'm in shock! I can't imagine how hard that must have been. To sell the house and the stuff inside! I know you will find a new project though. I can relate to that totally. Good luck - can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  7. Glad to hear you'll be in Ojai more! Sorry we missed you over the were smart if you stayed away as it was one of the hottest of the year. Good for you to be able to walk away from "stuff", even if it is lovely, as there is always more "stuff" out there which always makes for more fun for a designer or creative soul.... A very good lesson in letting go and being in the moment.

  8. Kelley,

    I understand exactly what you did. We have done the same thing many times...only on Midwestern soil. I have re-done 13 (or is it 14) houses and the next to last one I sold completely furnished right down to the dishes. It is sad/wonderful/awesome/scary-all those things. We are coming to a time in our life when we should be slowing down...could be slowing down...and yet, we are thinking about doing this one more time and downsizing this time.

    I can't wait to see what you do with your next place. Do you have your eye on anything yet? Where are you staying until you find your next project?

    We usually have already identified a property when we it is an easier transition than what you are going to have. We were flippers long before it was a

    I am glad that you the Mr Polished Rock are still a couple. I mis-read that too. When you said you and Mr Grainy were no longer an item were you talking about pillow sacking/the sign/what? I think that's what threw me.

    Hugs to you and Congratulations! I know what a tremendous job it is to fix for give away what is part of release so that you can fly free. You did good, did good! Hugs- Diana

  9. New owners to enjoy your talents. How lucky. Now, think of all the new ideas you need to shop for!

  10. It's really amazing how attached we (us house types) can become to our home and things (like sinks, totally normal in my book!). At least you have another true "home" in Ojai, that is loved and part of the family too.

    Best wishes for your new glad your chickens will come along with you on it!
    xo J~

  11. On to an new adventure... I am looking forward to the new beauties you will find, and learning what you will do for them. Best wishes...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  12. How lucky are the new owners...they had the cash to make all your efforts there's. Pay to play kiddo.
    Now take the long money and find another piece of heaven and enjoy the hunt.
    I am envious!

  13. WWWWHHHHAAAATTTTT, NNNNOOOOOOOO....I can't believe what I am reading.....your home I loved most on the blogasphere. I have been known to have a couple of your home pictures as background on the computer, so for the days when I wanted inspiration and nothing was happening, at least I had that to look at when I started the computer up and when I closed down. It must have been a hard decision and I agree with Teri above about walking into a house and just knowing that you could live there. It's nice that people have bought your home and everything and they sound as if they will appreciate it as much as you have done. There's nothing like good taste. I'm also assuming that the fabric that you showed us a couple of months ago will be for Ojai???? Anyway, will call in again soon, actually sooner than later, I mean look what happens when I don't visit for a couple of days, you go completely nuts!!!!! (lol)
    Take care my friend,
    Tasmania, Australia

    p.s. Good to hear that you can get another painting by Jean Jack, as I have often admired the paintings that you have had.

  14. OH, THE HUMANITY! WHAT ABOUT THE FIRKINS!!!!? Seriously, despite the fact that I'm pissed I didn't have a chance to pick a few things, I'm very happy for you. I find selling a house very exciting. It opens lots of opportunities. All I can say is congratulations. I hope you find something that needs lots of Kelley love and we get to enjoy the ride of making it your own.

  15. Someone is getting a fabulous home with wonderful furnishings!

  16. Good for you! Your home is beautiful and the new owners will be blessed by your love and dedication to your home. You are an inspiration to me to remember that things are just that - things. Best wishes to you in this new chapter of life!

  17. I am mostly a lurker but I must say that I am amazed that you could do it. I absolutely love your home and always read your posts first. The good news for you is think of all of the packing you do not have to do. The good news for us is anticipating new posts on new projects. Good luck to you and keep us "posted"!

  18. KELLEY!!!! I'm so excited about your new venture. It's going to be beautiful and fabulous! You're beautifying California one house at a time! :) Sorry about yesterday - my phone died. Like really died. I have to get a new one. It's not charging anymore. So I'll get that done today - and call tomorrow!

  19. best wishes in your new adventure...i am sure your new home will be spectacular and i can't wait to see it!! wow!! you go girl!!

  20. Well I knew you all were going to be a bit shocked

    It's all good..really. I had a few moments of angst but some of the things I have collected are not important to me anymore. I did manage to sneak out a few firkins and some of the Roseville pottery. Even some of the pillows I had a tough time that crazy or what?!

    But I think you know you got it "right" when people are in love with the total package. Houses are like that and so are people.

    Thanks for the wonderful comments and for following along on my crazy adventures...more shopping and fun projects!

    Now if I could only find something comfortable to sit on ( as I have no chairs) life would be perfect....

    xo kelley

  21. This post must have have been difficult to type at first. Something about sharing the words "sold" with your grateful readers must make the reality even more true. A commitment to the "new" that is to come... all the while still processing what you will now give to someone else. This someone else is richly blessed to keep all these pieces of you. I say this from my own recent experience with letting a "loved home" survive with a new family. I still miss what I willingly let go... but, I am learning to embrace the opportunity to let my new home become a side of me that I wouldn't have allowed my old home to become. Change really does provide opportunity. I have learned from your creativity and the beauty you place in your spaces. I wish for you the very best. lisa

  22. I "heart" your house and would have loved to have been the lucky buyer!! But we "house obsessed" enjoy not only the finished product, but also the "hunt" for the special pieces that enhance our homes and make it ours. So now, you will have the fun of putting together another fabulous home!! Can't wait to follow your adventure!
    (Be sure to keep pictures of your lovely now sold home on the blog; I am still getting inspired!)


  23. What a gorgeous house! No wonder they wanted to buy everything in it. You put such talent and loving care into that house...are you thinking about the house down the street?

  24. I thought I posted earlier...maybe my stunned fingers didn't push send. I know I had to pick my jaw off the floor.

    But then I cool to be able to just let it all go. Freeing. Where next...where next?

  25. Just getting to know you - and am amazed at your bravery! (and talent - I've not seen your house before). But what an amazing adventure you're about to embark on. Bravo!

  26. So...when I started reading that you sold your house... I was making a mental note of everything I liked and said to myself, "Wow, I'm gonna have to go to that garage sale"... (How bad am I?)... then to read you sold it furnished!?!

    How lucky your buyer is..I mean REALLY lucky! It's gorgeous!

    The interior is just things..pretty things..but things.

    Where ever you go, your "home" will go with you..Does that make any sense? I need my morning coffee.. I can't type..or think...

    You're off on a new exciting!!

  27. I will keep this house in my "noteworthy homes" file forever....there were soooo many cool ideas, etc..
    I love the outdoor fountains ( I had never seen those in a previous post).
    Also, I do hope you kept the sweet antique dog figurines?? I wanted those!! I wanted the whole house! I know it's hard to step away, but I can't wait to see the next chapter!
    Someone's getting a very special place.....

  28. Where have I been?? I ADORE your house. I'm sad you sold it but yes, all closed doors have new beginnings and if you can have that much fun and creativity once, you can do it again. Meanwhile, I'm going to drool over all of these photos. I love your style and it is the closet to what I want mine to be, someday. I even have some of the same pillows so I am totally inspired. :-) Good luck in your new home, wherever it will be!

  29. That is one lucky buyer. I am new to your blog but I definitely want to follow along in your new journey in a new house!

  30. I just found your blog, this was the first post I read.

    "I never really wanted to sell everything, but it just seemed like most everything belonged here...."

    That got me.

    Best wishes to you,


  31. Hello,
    This new family is very lucky to have met you and your beautiful home. I hope they know how fortunate they are that they found a home that got so much attention and made a beautiful place to live so that they may start new memories.
    Good luck with your new endeavor.
    Take care. Looking forward to more posts!!

  32. Hi Kelley,

    How funny! I just wrote a post on my blog about how you inspired me before I even read this post!

    You are so talented and I hope you like how I took your idea and interpreted it my way. Check out my blog to see what I'm talking about!


  33. All I can say is, if you did it once you can do it again, even better! IF that is still what you heart wants to do.

    You have beautiful ideas and style and the ability to see them through. Keep it up!

  34. kelley,

    i am going to calmly go to the kitchen and pour myself another glass of wine and come back either later or tomorrow. i'm speechless at the moment.

  35. wow, your (their) house is amazing. hope you find what you're looking for...this house I'm sure will make someone very happy!

  36. Sending my love to all!

    you really make me humble

  37. ps any extra chairs are the ebay links

    thanks Steve!


  38. Your house is absolutely beautiful and charming and meticulously and so tastefully decorated...but still simply a house. The home is the people and the memories and the love! That you are taking with you.

    I am honored to have been witness to the process from the very beginning.
    You invested, you decorated, you landscaped, you remodeled and you reap big rewards. ($$ I hope)
    Good for you!! There is always more Firkins, pottery, and you name it out there!
    ps - glad you got the chickens out however!

  40. Gorgeous home - Really beautiful. It would be hard to let go, but once done the new search takes on it's own life and is so exciting!! You're fabulous eye will make every home a beauty!

    Best luck on your journey!


  41. Hi Kelley,

    I can't even imagine selling the house and it's furnishings as well. But if you are starting over, it's probably easier if you think about it, you will have a clean slate. I will be anxiously awaiting to see what you do with your next home!

    Just a little side note, I am familiar with the Corona del Mar area and found your listing on one of the real estate sites. But I kept my mouth shut and didn't say a word, I was just waiting for you to come clean! :)

    Linda in San Diego

  42. Wow. Where are you...which coast? I found you because my friend Gail wrote a note about you. So funny as I looked thru your story, mine is similar, days of fashion retail and now new adventures in home furnishings. I have been a decorative painter for 15 years but have ventured into new areas, staging, re-design and now two little shops. Definately a new follower...come stop by my little joint!

  43. Wow Kelly, this is a time of change for you and how excited you must be... I had a friend put her home on the market and the people wanting to buy it said only is they got everything and added to the price of course... she could not do it and her husband could not understand, it is the collections that can't be replaced. Good luck to you!

  44. Yes...when one door closes another one always opens!! I fully believe that:)
    Good luck in your new adventures...can't wait to read all about it!

  45. Oh my goodness- you have NO IDEA how much I wish I was the LUCKY person who bought this beautiful home from you. I almost choked on my drink after I read that you sold it furnished. That had to be hard but at the same time i'm VERY excited to see what you do with the next place!!!! ;)

  46. I just arrived here for the first time. What a gorgeous home..., and how gracefully you're letting it go that is a beautiful thing in itself!!

  47. hi! i just found you via cote de texas...congratulations on the sale of your lovely home...i'll bet the change/challenge will prove to be exciting! best wishes!

  48. Oh my gosh, Kelley.....I can't believe it. What a woman you are!!! You humble me in all aspects! Congrats on selling your incredibly beautiful jaw-dropping home. I can...not...even...imagine selling a home like that WITH the treasures inside. But with your golden creative touch, your next one will be even better, I'm sure. And we'll all get to watch it happen I hope! :)

    xoxo laurie

  49. Kelley, I have so loved your house and all its belongings from afar! You have an incredible opportunity to do it all again. I can't wait to read the next chapter! Hard to let go of all your loveley things but.... so many more lovely things to hunt for and create. Best of luck to you with your new adventure.
    P.S. I'm glad the chickens followed you out the door, and the dishes too!

  50. and here I am visiting for the first time :)
    I've enjoyed browsing through your blog. What a house and what a creative soul you are. I've been blessed by this visit. Thanks for sharing . I'm a follower so I'll be back to read more.

  51. I love reading your blog, and of course love every single picture of your house. I mean even the laundry room is to die for.

    I am excited to see what you do next.


  52. As much as I LOVE this home, I know that your next home will be even more wonderful or just as glorious in a different way. I'm always up for a new project. I think you feel the same way.
    So, congratulations on the beginning of a new adventure.

    xo xo

  53. Ok, clearly I have been living under a rock somewhere and just found your beautiful blog! I say good for you for moving on, even though I'm sure it was a VERY tough decision to part with not only a gorgeous home but also the cherished things you have lovingly filled it with!

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog, I've saved a picture of your home's exterior as inspiration for our future renovations!

    Best wishes for new finds and places to put them!

    Kat :)

  54. Thanks evey we go...xx......kelley

  55. I ment to say oh my

  56. Oh my you even left your bread boards in the basket behind??? Can't wait to see what you do next. Elma

  57. How in the world am I late to this? Oh my gosh, my favorite house ever, you crazy girl! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your future new home/homes!

  58. I am a new reader and so enjoyed the story of your house. I, too, have bought houses, transformed them into our family home and moved on with life. I have been in the same house for 18 years and my husband is contemplating moving to France but my children are incredibly attached as it is basically the only house they have lived. I am torn as to the next step... You had created a beautiful, young warm environment, so fresh and vibrant. Will follow to see what you come up with next....

  59. I'm just seeing your house for the first time and I can't IMAGINE having sold it with all the beautiful furnishings! I can't wait to see, having just started reading you, what you'll do next. I hope you share the journey!

  60. Outstanding Post as well as the Shots!those bedroom are grand...simple yet elegant!The house is so delightful, incredibly fabulous!So lucky who bought it.Thrilled to be your newest follower.thanks for sharing.

  61. This must have been so hard for you...your home is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I hope the new owners love her just as much as you have.

  62. Holy Catfish!!! Lock stock and barrel as they say! I would do it in a heartbeat! How much fun to start over.....I'm not sayin that your house wasn't just totally perfect 'cause it was!!!! But you get to go shopping!

  63. Wow, good for you! I'm seriously late reading this. I just came across your apartment post. That's not your average apartment. I know, because I live in one part of the time. It's scary, but has to be so freeing to just walk away from everything. In the end, it's just stuff. Such adventures await!

  64. ARE YOU SERIOUS??????!!!!!!!!!!! I am a little late to this I know, forgive me, but i am in shock, shock, shock. omg. i will not judge. but how??? all your wonderful things? I could cry! and they aren't even mine. How did you ever do it? hehe - truth - i think i would LOve to start all over. lucky you. still in shock.


  65. it gets easier...and a bit more freeing...but I am not without some tears

    thanks for stopping by


  66. oh boy. should have read this post before commenting on the kitchen. This whole home is gorgeous though. New adventure is always fun!

  67. Wow!!! Seriously???? Lucky for the new owners that is for sure!
    Best of luck!

  68. I love the umbrella you have out on your roof. That's so cool how your able to sit up on there. It most be fun looking down. Maybe a little scary?

  69. I want to live in this house. It's my dream home.

  70. Kelley to say I love your taste in your home and artwork is an understatement. Do you remember the name of the artist of this piece in your living room above the fireplace?


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