summer is here and so are the veggies
 time to get picking
 while I love them really is the tomato's that make me smile and feel like I am doing something right in my garden
 basil and eggplant

 the colors and shapes and the abundance of the tomato's
 is really amazing

 lettuce is my second favorite and perhaps my year around 
"go to" crop...
I am never with out a nice bowl
 of little green leaves

 I hose everything off and then bring it inside 
for a  few days 
to use as needed

 banana peppers and cucumbers

parsley and spring onions

 I am not sure why the things 
that grow in the garden are so beautiful...
but they just are

 everyone should try a little garden this summer 

it is never too late to start

  1. I was just lamenting this weekend the loss of decent tomatoes. Even some I bought at the farmer's market weren't really red inside. Next year, I guess I'll try my hand at growing my own. We have so many critter's that I'm not sure I'll get any fruit. Enjoy your beautiful crop!

  2. Congratulations on your green thumb! Everything you posted looks so delicious and beautiful; how could it not be good for you?

  3. Wow! Your harvest looks fantastic. I don't have room for a traditional garden so I'm a bit jealous! Enjoy your goodies!

  4. WOW - those are some wonderful photos! My tomatoes aren't red yet but soon!!! I have a small veggie patch an most years I jam in a variety but this year I am going all tomatoes, a few pepper plants and some herbs and hot peppers! just the right mix for salsa and sauce!

  5. I love photos of garden bounty, and yours are gorgeous!

  6. Kelley, are you canning your tomatoes? I have a friend who makes the pesto,puts it in ice cube trays,pops them in to bags once frozen for use in the winter. I know canning is hot work but better than any that you will buy. Beautiful bounty.
    Liz in Atascadero

  7. Kelley I love seeing your bountiful harvest! The red of the tomatoes with all of your lush green veggies and herbs, yum!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series

  8. What an impressive haul! I am always so envious of the gardens you can grow down there. Everything looks so beautiful. I have a {much} smaller garden, including some tomatoes. My favorite thing is to touch the tomato plant so I can smell that marvelous tomato vine scent for a few extra minutes. This is my first visit to your blog and I am hooked. I love your walk to RW's house and the comparisons to her decor compared to KI, very interesting, and I agree, it would be hard to go wrong with that house!! putting you on my blog roll now.

  9. Isn't the garden gratifying? We just made a HUGE stockpot of sauce today. I think we have enough to freeze to last us a tub a week almost all winter! Yay!

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