My Vegetable Garden: Open for business

 Today we are officially open for business
 hopefully you brought your market basket...if not you can borrow mine!
 first stop the apple trees
 we have a choice of Anna's or Fuji 

 the squirrels are just gorging themselves on my fruit pick quick

we have grapes this year too

 they are not quite ready to eat
 but I'm hopeful they will be wonderful and sweet
 when they are ripe

 we have around 40 or so vines of edible varieties

this is year three for these vines 
and I was told by a friend that you will start to get fruit by the third year....
and she was right!

 we work really hard keeping the potager really tidy 
because of all of the animals...

 I swear, it seems like the squirrels eat everything 
but nuts
 new this year is corn...waist high by July
 love these big fat cucumbers
 I planted these yellow banana peppers last year too 
and they produce all summer long 
and into the fall
 interspersed with the Basil 
are these bright marigolds
 I think I might experiment with more flowers in the vegetable garden 
because it really makes the beds pop
 we have yellow squash and zucchini
 beets...which are huge!

 the tomato's are just now starting to ripen...I have six big plants this year
 Early Girl, Sweet 1000's and a few heirloom varities
 parsley...both flat and curly
 I self sow all of the lettuce and mesclun and it really does well

soon these little guys...
 will look just like this...

it takes only about 4 weeks and I like to harvest the leaves when they are 
small and young 
for a more tender and less bitter flavor
 we have Japanese eggplant, watermelon and pumpkin vines,
yellow wax beans and a few varieties of spring onions
 I hope your market basket is full and 
you can whip up something really good for dinner

don't forget to invite me!

  1. Kelly

    You would get a good laugh if you saw my fruit trees...the deer eat the bottom branches, the squirrels start eating the fruit the minute they are ripe, and then the birds eat whatever is left! I give up! Hence I only grown herbs, tomatoes and flowers!

  2. I would love a big, juicy home-grown tomato right now! I didn't grow a fruit/veggie garden this year, but when I have, 'Jet Star' tomato is one of my favorites. It is meaty, low-pulp, low acid. It's perfect for making caprese salad.

    Your garden is absolutely beautiful! I'll have to "pin" some of these gorgeous photos. Hats off to you! Photos like this say, "Someone has been working VERY hard!"


  3. I am lost in wonder and admiration at your garden Kelly - you don't REALLY mean I could turn up and pick do you? don't push me too far!

  4. It all looks great. We have been harvesting for awhile now. Our corn is ten feet tall and we have ears growing. I can't wait.

  5. Hi Cindy...I know right! We don't have deer but just about everything else!

    Hi Keri, If I see that tomato I will buy it...and I love caprese sald fave!

    xo kelley

  6. Boy howdy do I wish I lived close to you...I would be there with my farmer's basket in a jiffy!!! Especially since my veggie garden did not turn out like yours, lol. Congratulations on a successful harvest, everything looks so delicious! :)

    Happy Gardening & Best wishes,


  7. Oh your garden is so beautiful! Watch out people of "It's Complicated"! I had to laugh, though, your squirrels who eat everything but nuts vs. our squirrels who eat all of our nuts!!! Maybe we need to switch squirrels!

  8. I wish you all the best of wealth and happiness. What beautiful gardens, and more importantly, what healthy food! Love it.

  9. Ok, now that is what I call a gorgeous vegetable garden! I can hear Martha Stewart fuming with envy right about now! They say that planting marigolds in a garden helps to cut down on certain pests...not sure where I read that but it has stuck with me.

    Enjoy your weekend and I hope you make something yummy with all of those delicious veggies!


  10. Would you trade for some nice fresh mangoes?
    I wish we could still be growing veggies this time of year, but it's way too hot.

    If I lived closer, my basket & I would give some strong competition to the squirrels!
    Happy Weekend~

  11. Kelly,
    you have a green thumb! Your garden is lovely. How do you like living up there. I have been trying to talk my hubby in buying property up there. He is a little afraid of the heat. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Amazing Garden, Kelley...everything looks farmers market perfect! My critters seem to know just when the fruit or veggies are perfect and on that night everything gets eaten. How do they know?

  13. OK that's it- I'm coming to live with you for a few months so you can teach me everything you know about gardening! I'll harvest and clean and promise to keep all of the squirrels and other snackers away.

  14. "Shall not covet thy neighbors wife or husband." That I can promise.

    Coveting your raised beds with stone walls will go on forever!

  15. I love looking at your veggie garden - it is incredible. Just wish I had as much space!! We have so many rabbits that are playing havoc with our garden as well as our flowers and hostas. Makes me crazy!!!

  16. Fabulous potager, everything looks so beautifully kept and healthy.

    Your comment about squirrels made me smile.

    The squirrels in our garden would come down to checkon the sweetcorn peeling back the husk and would only tear them off when they were ripe enough. Once they took one we knew they were ready and could go in and harvest the rest for ourselves.


  17. Fabulous! I am vegetable-green with envy!

  18. I'm green with envy too! I cannot grow vegetables like this in Asti! Too hot and the water has boron in it. You have a Garden of Eden there dear Kelley!

  19. Hey there! If you saw the state of my current manicure you would not be so envious....I have green fingers!

    Have a wonderful Weekend


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