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I was going through a bunch of old photos in my portfolio and came across these.
This is an office I did for a client back in 2000....10 years ago!

The building was one of those old concrete, tilt up, ugly things with drop in ceilings and flat grey carpet.
such potential!!!
Enter into a 1950's era office circa 2000:
I remember finding all of this old metal furniture at a store in Costa Mesa, CA, just a stones throw from the office.
 We had all of the furniture stripped down to the bare metal and then sprayed with a clear coat to prevent any rust or corrosion.  
The chairs, which if I remember correctly, were actually new/reproductions.
 I did them in black vinyl and the seats in a wild lime green  poly/ wool fabric. 

 I know it sounds weird, right, but what a fun pop of color,
 in an otherwise horribly drab office space.

The now famous Aeron chair, designed by Herman Miller, had just made its way into the main stream and we used that for the desk chair.

 The little green cabinet next to the credenza (another smaller metal desk) is actually a tool chest.  
It was the only piece that I left the paint on. 

The prints on the wall I found in a catalog. 
 They were these great big bright blue ferns and  we framed them out with black matting and used a mottled metal frame.
The only item that was really "new..new" and not retro inspired was this large table, used for looking at blueprints or having a group meeting. 

The green glass top is actually panels/extensions that could be pushed under  one another to make the table smaller if need be. 
 It was actually a dining table I found at a discount furniture store.
The lawyers cabinet was perfect for manuals and guy/office stuff. 

 I remember thinking how many uses that cabinet could have and all of the other places I could put it...like my own house!!!!   

I still love the oil drums, even today, and they always make for a great planter.
No office is complete without a jar of jelly beans!
And look at the desk!  
So cool and retro.  
Not too bad for 10 years ago!

what do ya think?

  1. I kinda like it! I do like the lime green with the black. It could pass for 2010, right?! With the exception of the old laptop in the back. Very nice work! ;)BB

  2. HI my Boston Bee, you are so correct!


  3. Love it. First thing I noticed though were the framed garden tools. They're very cool! I think bright pops of green and blue are still very current and that whoever it is that gets to work in such a fun environment was lucky to have you!

  4. I agree with both comments above!
    I have to tell you and forgive me if you already know - the fern prints are the same things we used to make in camp as a kid. We would lay found objects from nature down on the special light sensitive paper that was white but turned blue everywhere the light hit it. What ever happens to those cool crafts? does anyone still do these things?

  5. Hi Kelley,
    I'm not goinmg to say anything different here...I agree with the above comments. I love the pops of colour that you have given this office. Thanks for sharing this as I think this office has certainly stood the test of time style wise..job well done!!!
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia


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