New Finds for the Ranch House: Mish Mash Perfection


 I have taken a few weeks to stay here in Ojai 
for the master bathroom remodel.
We are slowly making progress
and next week most of it will be finished!
and I need a drink,
or some tylenol
or both


 Time to show you a few goodies from my last "flea" outing:
 The rusty chair got a coat of wax 
and some vintage pillows...

The red basket cart is "aging" in the orchard
The copper still is making the martini fix-in's

"Rusty" the chair came inside...
 next to "Rusty" is my favorite new bucket!

the "chippy green guy"

oh and guess what?
I love more here

It came my way via Mary, The Urban Farm girl
If you haven't found her yet...
she is one amazing and fun Farm girl

 We really haven't  done much with the interior of this little house...
and to say I have the:

  ultimate collection 
 Mish Mash

would be a HUGE understatement....

Lets hear it for Mish Mash!!!

I painted a few pieces white,
because the whole,
 Mish Mash Mess
 was giving me a headache...
more tylenol please

 And this is definitely not a house for carpeting...
because we track mud and dirt everywhere,
 so I have rug Mish Mash too!

Our next big project will be to install hardwood floors.
but we purchased some beautiful solid wide plank pine,
 which I think will be great in this little hacienda 

 Here is the funky little blue metal stand...

I think is was used for bread in a grocery store...
paired with:

a Moroccan side table...

a Chinese wedding lantern...

Vintage cafe chairs....


some grain sack cushions...

Mish Mash

love me some Mish Mash


  1. mish mash is good!! this house pulls it off well! everything looks beautiful!

  2. I think it all looks fantastic! It's all stripeyliscious. The moroccan table and the floral pillows go wonderfully together. Joyful! I'm glad you dissed the wall to wall because my first thought was I'd rip that baby out and paint the floors before a single thing went in the door. Your plan for the floors sounds perfect.

    I'll take some mish mash...and a drink and some tylenol if you're dispensing.

  3. Indeed it might be mish mash, but 1. it is absolutely delicious mish mash. and 2. you make it all look glorious. The eye you have and the way you put things together is just wonderful. Love it! Lori L

  4. Love me some mish mash...better me YOUR mish mash! Now this is all the Ojai casa, si??

    You and your gorgeous casa's make my head spin. Yep. A 'Tini and some tylenol for me too.please.

  5. Oh- I love a bit of mish-mash. My whole life is a bit of mish-mash actually! Who knew?

    I love your buckets...and I have an old copper boiler like your own and gave one to my daughter-in-law cuz I love her that much! xxoo Diana

  6. I love your beautiful mish mash! And that dog lamp...if you ever decide to sell me!

    Kat :)

  7. Super adorable!

    I'm just down the hill in Ventura and make it my business to be in Ojai once a week or so just to have fun antiquing and coffee-ing and farmer's market-ing. LOVE Ojai! And love your adorable house!

  8. I really love all of the mish mash! Love the doggie and all of the great pillows...and especially the lamps. You do the mish mash perfectly!!

  9. Love me some mish-mash too. Problem is, I have too much mish-mash!
    You have a way though of making mish-mash look really good. My mish-mash looks like crap!

  10. You buy what you love, and you find a way to make it all work together! You have mastered the art of mish mash! I find your home so interesting and I would be able to spend hours puttering around there just admiring all your displays. This is what I call creating a home!!

  11. I love "mish mash", an eclectic mix is my favorite kind of decorating!

  12. I'm holding my hand up...yes! What a beautiful space!!!

  13. I like the fact that the place is not matchy matchy. The colors are very cheery and I bet you smile a lot.

  14. Love the aqua floral pillow! Also, when you get a chance can we have some staging hints on how we can achieve cute mish mash instead of plain mish mash! Love, love the blog!

  15. You do mish mash like no other! This is a fabulous room and I love so many things in it. The blue and white chairs are gorgeous and the bread stand is so very cute.

  16. Your mish mash is perfectly mashed!;) I love your new finds~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  17. Why does your mish mash look wonderful and my mish mash looks ... well, not wonderful? I love the look of your home. It has such a nice vibe.

  18. Hmmmm......I see great minds think alike once again. I spy some fabric and a little side table that are the same as a few things in my house!! Love the mix because not only is it good, but it is all you!

  19. You have a magic wand don't you cause everything you touch is magical

  20. Ooooo! Mish Mash I was takin' a bath ... lalalalalala! :)

    I LOVE your mish mash, Kelley, as I love all of your projects. I'm on the hunt for one of those survey tripod lamps actually that you have flanking your sofa. Got any ideas?

  21. Well, I think the mish mash is working very well. I love the blue metal shelving thingy. Love the dog on the table too. It's very pretty but looks very livable. Great job as usual.

  22. Your Mish Mash is calling my name!!! Those wings backs, inparticular are "screaming" my name! Great job!

  23. You have a great eye! Love all of your treasures and how you used them. I am very jealous of the garden chair - Lori

  24. Adorably welcoming charming!
    Love all your special touches/transformations.
    My fave new piece is the Moroccan side the details/colors.
    Wide plank pine will be so beautiful in there.
    I also love the CUTE dog figurine and the Mexican pottery.
    Have a great day!

  25. hi kelley,

    you put the mish in the mash. i was at a party yesterday where the owner is similarly afflicted and it was gorgeous. i believe i take the mish out of the mash and that also requires meds. omg, we're both sick.


  26. I love your mish mash of furniture and things! Nobody does eclectic better than you. It takes a careful eye to make the mix work so well, and you have that eye. Gorgeous! I always love seeing your finds & how you use them. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Mish mash is what makes a house a looks great!! I love your flea market finds!

  28. No wonder you were thinking 'mix & match'! You had the 'Mish Mash' on the brain! When you purchase things that you truly love, and you have amazing taste, it all works...and makes for amazng mish mash like yours!
    Hang in there with the fixin up's going to be wonderful!
    xo J~

  29. Kelley,

    I just love your mish mash...a real cozy slice of vintage "Americana". I adore your pine sofa table,two blue bucket lamps and the chippy dog is wonderful! I liked how you paired it with the two stools with the coloful print fabric cushions. The white and blue striped wing chairs with the burlap seat cushions make me drool and the blue bakery baskets fit in so well... so cozy!

  30. My whole house is "mish mash" - it's what gives it character and soul!

    Your seating area looks charming!


  31. Hi Kelley,

    So nice to visit you. I found your delightful blog via The Lettered Cottage post and have enjoyed looking at all of your posts.
    I adore mish-mash and love the way you use it and color in your home and garden. I feel it is the heart and soul of one's home and brings a sense of warmth and joy to give new life to previously loved old and worn objects.

    Keep on mishing and mashing as you have a great eye for putting it all together, and thank you for sharing your creativity with us.
    Have a lovely day.'

  32. I LOVE that dog. Too adorable. If he ever wants to run away, send him my way!

  33. You're too cute Kelley~ we all LOVE what you call 'mish mash'. Lookin good my friend!!

  34. Hi Kelley! Love your mish mash!! You mentioned you waxed the crusty chair and brought it inside....what kind of wax do you use? Thanks and I love your blog!!!

  35. Hey every one! Thanks so much for the great comments. I have been a bit behind in getting to every one/emails, so I sincerely apologize.

    Ok a few answers, I was told that the little metal doggie was part of a whirley gig of some sort. It has a hole underneath so it was attached to something at some point. As for wax, I use Bri Wax. I have been using it for years and years and it is my favorite.

    So happy there are so many misher's and masher's out there...perfection is so boring...right?

    xo Kelley

    Don't forget...give-away tomorrow!

  36. I love the "doggie in the window" :-)
    but I REALLY love those tall floor lamps...and of course everything.

  37. Love your mish mash look! And that rusty doggie is calling my name. I think he wants to move to TX. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

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